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The Healing Doll Way: A Guided Process Creating Art Dolls for Self-Discovery, Awareness, and Transformation

ISBN: 9780986261800
Binding: Paperback
Author: Barb Kobe
Pages: 240
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 8/6/2018

In The Healing Doll Way, Barb Kobe shares stories and images from her transformative experience becoming a healing doll artist, as well as those of many of her students and peers. The book also guides you through the process of making healing dolls for yourself. The act of making a doll can take you through a process of imagination, recovery, and growth. You do not need to be an expert at dollmaking—or artmaking, for that matter—to experience the power of this kind of work. This dollmaking process invites and encourages you to explore a range of perceptions and emotions, and in doing so, reach a deeper level of understanding and acceptance of yourself.


Barb Kobe is a healing artist, visionary designer, teacher, facilitator, mentor, and creativity coach. Since 1989 her work has focused on the subjects of emotional expression, creative healing, and personal dollmaking as a healing modality. Aside from the multitude of healing dolls she’s created for herself and others, Barb also designed a healing doll curriculum that she teaches at in-person retreats and workshops. She has taught her online “Medicine Doll” curriculum since 2004, working with students from all over the world. Barb holds a degree in psychology from Metropolitan State University in Minnesota and certificates in neuro-linguistic programming and creativity coaching. She has contributed articles to and been featured in multiple publications in the personal growth field. She is married, has two grown children, and enjoys spending time in her garden with her cats.


"Reading The Healing Doll Way was like walking into a familiar room; I knew and loved so many of the guests. Thank you, Barb, for taking the doll form into a new light and doing it with such enthusiasm and grace. The colorful illustrations make my heart happy." --Elinor Peace Bailey, doll artist, author, Mother Plays with Dolls

"The Healing Doll Way is a treasure. The illustrations alone are beautiful and inspiring. But Barb’s offering is beyond the visual. I’ve been blessed to have Barb mentor me through the healing process detailed in this book. If you’re seeking to explore your inner terrain, to gain insight, or to transform some part of your life, look no further. Dive into these pages and let Barb’s gentle and enlightening guidance lead you forward." --Anne R. Heck, author of Finding the Gift: A Memoir of Rape, Intention and Miracles

"A trove of images, exercises, insights, and stories, Barb Kobe’s The Healing Doll Way is the distillation of wisdom gained from a lifetime of creating art for healing and growth. Her book empowers readers to begin their own doll-making journeys." --Kay Porterfield, M.A., author, educator, artist