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The Giant David Could Not Kill: Why you need others to build an epic life

ISBN: 9781545657263
Binding: Paperback
Author: Dr. Bob Mitchell
Pages: 156
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 6/18/2019

It has often been said that relationships are one of the most important aspects of life, and King David’s story is a testament to this truth. As an unforgettable figure in the Bible, David is renowned for writing the Psalms, becoming the most influential worship leader, and conquering armies and a formidable giant.

Yet, in an interesting look at David’s journey, The Giant David Could Not Kill, author Bob Mitchell reveals the tasks that David could not do alone and the lessons we can learn from them, as they are the moments in which relationships play a key role in David’s life. Mitchell’s groundbreaking work offers a fresh retelling of the story of David, showcasing a broader perspective of not only the principles and truths within David’s life, but also the people who helped David grow into the man of anointing and maturity that would serve a grand purpose in God’s eternal plan.

When David was about to face the giant Ishbi-benob, whom he could not defeat on his own, his nephew Abishai intervened to preserve David’s life and the impact that his life would have on future generations of believers. Over the course of his years, David formed relationships with people from every walk of life, from princes to paupers, lawbreakers to lawmakers, and poets to prophets. As you begin to understand David’s personal interactions, you’ll discover valuable lessons in the fine art of relating both to God and to people with love and what can be gained from these relationships.

Mitchell’s profound insight will encourage you to practice applicable methods of developing relationships straight from David’s experiences that can enhance your spiritual walk. Uncover the impact of cultivating a relational circle that is wide as well as deep and recognize the importance of making connections with various kinds of people. Just like David, you’ll be encouraged to invest more time in your relationships with those whom God has placed in your path. If you are desiring wisdom from Scripture about how to relate better to others and grow together in Christ with those around you, The Giant David Could Not Kill will inspire you to allow the Holy Spirit to open your heart to the power of Christ-centered relationships.


Dr. Bob Mitchell is a sky-diving, white-water canoeing, weight-lifting, Half-Dome-climbing enthusiast who has dreamed of being a pastor since he was eight. He has been living out that dream for over three decades. His passionate love for God and His Word has shaped his life-mission: to help people experience God through understanding and living out the wisdom found in the scriptures. After earning his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Fuller Seminary, his first nine years of ministry were in a rural congregation in the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. He then served as the lead pastor of Lincoln Presbyterian Church in Stockton, CA for 27 years. He has also ministered as lead chaplain for the Stockton Fire Department for over twenty years. He and his wife Trish have three children and three grandchildren.

“Bob Mitchell has given us a winsome, inviting, and profoundly helpful book addressing a most important area of human life. Using King David, one of the Bible’s most central and important figures, we are led to see and explore the nature of human relationships. But it is far more than an exploration, much more than a Bible study. Here we see, in wonderful depth and clarity the varied nature of human relationships. We see how they interact and interweave. And we see how to make our relationships ever more healthy and godly. This is an outstanding book for any involved in human relationships…or to put it differently: everyone!” --Dr. Mark Rayburn Patterson, PhD, Lead/Teaching Pastor, Community Presbyterian Church, Ventura, CA

“I have always been taught by those who have had influence in my life, that we are the sum total of the books we read, the choices we make and the people that surround and influence our life. Well, this is the first book I have ever seen that brings that together through the life of one of the greatest individuals found in Scripture. There have been a lot of authors who have written about the very unique life of King David, but there has never been a book like this. Dr. Bob does an amazing job of weaving together the community of relationships that surrounded and encountered David’s life, and explains in great detail how those unique relationships actually propelled him to greatness. If you were intrigued with the title, you’re going to be thrilled with the content. Take notes as you read this for I am sure you will see shadows of your own life through the backdrop of those who ultimately help to create an epic life for King David.” --Don Newman, Director of Acquisitions, 302 Books

“This book has brought together facets of King David’s life that has not only inspired me, but challenged me. His insight and understanding of human conflicts and relationships that shape our lives is very eye-opening and refreshing. Each chapter has caused me to reflect on my own life and stirred me to see where I could implement what is being taught.” --Pastor Mark Butler Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Church Stockton, CA