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The Game Is Playing Your Kid

ISBN: 9781634132961
Binding: Paperback
Author: Dr. Joe Dilley
Pages: 248
Trim: 5.25 x 8 inches
Published: 5/12/2015

As technology advances and digital devices infiltrate our homes it is important to monitor how our kids are using these items. But how can you decrease your kids' overreliance on technology without stifling their freedom or making them "outsiders" amongst their peers?

It can seem that there is no satisfactory solution to this dilemma but do not despair--the assistance you need is here!

In The Game is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age Dr. Joe Dilley shares his profoundly effective three-step process that will facilitate your kids' transition away from overuse of technology and toward more responsible and mindful use so they unplug from devices and reconnect with your family in organic lasting ways.


Dr. Joe Dilley's passion has always been psychology. He first became interested in the field when he was a boy through dinnertime discussions with his father (a psychologist) and his mother (a teacher). Dr. Joe is a father a licensed psychologist and the cofounder of Synergy Psychological the Los Angeles private practice he operates with his wife Dr. Carrie Dilley.


"Dr. Dilley's clinical expertise and pragmatic style shine through in this timely antidote to today's screen problem. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone raising a child in today's high tech world." -Stephanie N. Marcy PhD Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics USC Keck School of Medicine

"Are you a parent who is tired of screen time battles? Do you wonder how to help your kids and your family unplug at least some of the time in order to find real connection in the digital age? With wisdom humor and compassion Dr. Joe Dilley shares practical tools that will help you make things different for you your kids and your family. Read The Game is Playing Your Kid!" -Melissa J. Johnson PhD Psychologist Founder and CEO of the Institute for Girls' Development

"At last -- guidance for parents trying to navigate parenting a child in the electronic age! The Game is Playing Your Kid provides a practical family centered guide to helping young people create a balanced life that includes recreational electronics. Most importantly The Game is Playing Your Kid encourages a collaborative problem solving approach between parent and child when there is conflict around issues of electronics use. This book will be helpful as well to professionals working with families who struggle with issues of electronics use." -Diane Danis MD MPH Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

"Dr. Dilley has tackled one of the major stresses of present day parenting (how do we manage our children's use of electronic media). It certainly takes evaluating our own behavior with media and refining parenting skills. Even though parenting requires constant challenges the uniqueness of electronic gaming has elevated that demand. Dr. Dilley has provided tools for parents to reestablish operational control." -Leonard R. Baker III MD Co-director Descanso Medical Center for Development and Learning Clinical Professor of Pediatrics USC Keck School of Medicine

"The Game is Playing Your Kid tackles one of the biggest problems facing parents in the technology age . . . screen time. Dr. Dilley brings awareness and healthy responses to many issues facing families when electronic devices become idols in kids' lives. Dr. Dilley relays stories that every parent can relate to and offers pragmatic solutions that are sometimes hard for us to see when we are on the inside looking out." -Justin Hartwig Super Bowl Champion Certified Health Coach and Proud Father

"In an age where even the most revered professionals are polarized on the topic of technology Dr. Dilley presents an even-handed approach to the screen time dilemma one rooted in a fundamental understanding of human drives and our need for connection. This book is a must-read for anyone with children or anyone who wonders if they use technology or technology uses them.

Dr. Dilley deeply understands the screen-time dilemma and effortlessly weaves together personal experience with professional research to present a coherent entertaining and essential resource for anyone with children or adolescents. His stories reveal a dimension of Joe's personality that enlightens entertains and validates the experience of those trying to serve adolescents and their frustrated parents.

I never thought parenting advice could be so rich shocking and hilarious as the stories I found within this book. Dr. Dilley's confident yet self-effacing demeanor makes him the perfect man to write a book about many challenging obstacles familiar to most every parent.

The screen time dilemma is raised by every parent in my practice-from parents of toddlers to parents of teens-and I'm happy to recommend Dr. Dilley's book as a resource to help them navigate these treacherous waters. His practical interventions ascend to the level of hypothetical scripts for conversations you may have one day. This is an essential resource I will use as both a psychologist and a parent." -Ryan Howes PhD ABPP Board Certified clinical psychologist in private practice Clinical Professor of Psychology Fuller School of Psychology Founder National Psychotherapy Day Blogger Psychology Today Columnist Psychotherapy Networker Magazine