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The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World

ISBN: 9781634896399
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Hannah L. Ubl & Lisa X. Walden
Pages: 328
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 09/19/2023

A company culture book for leaders meets a professional self-help book for the whole team, The Future is Human shares the essentials to creating a people-first workplace.

"The new way of working is already here, and The Future of Work is Human offers the tools to help organizations shift to a more holistic and human approach."

-Adrian Peterson, employee experience program manager at HP

Ninety thousand hours.

That's how long the average person will spend at work over their lifetime. To put it another way, it's roughly one-third of our lives.

When you and your team think of time spent at work, what words would you like to come to mind?

Workplace communication experts Hannah L. Ubl and Lisa X. Walden believe jobs can inspire feelings like fulfillment, ease, and even fun. And as speakers and consultants focused on building workplaces that don't suck, they have over a decade of qualitative research to back it.

There's no denying the pandemic years brought challenges, from the Great Resignation and quiet quitting to hybrid work management. They also opened the door of possibility to a meaningful, long-term overhaul of the working world—and it's time we rose to meet it.

With a combination of lasting mindset shifts and practical tools, discover how to:

  • go beyond "beating burnout" to center holistic well-being,
  • build culture in the workplace while improving the bottom line,
  • be generous with authentic praise and compassion, and
  • lean into your person-ism and overcome perfectionism.

With the human-first practicality of Radical Candor and the heart-opening wisdom of The Art of Gathering, this unbeatably modern take on the workplace offers actionable steps for leading with intention and transforming your outlook (and by this time, you know we don't mean Microsoft).

We can do better than "returning to normal." We can create a working world where the Sunday Scaries are rare, people feel supported by their colleagues and leaders, and sentiments like "I really enjoy my work/job/company" are the new norm.

We can look back at those 90,000 hours spent at work with peace and maybe even pride, knowing that, for the most part, it was time well spent.

We can be a part of—and create—a work world that unwaveringly puts people first.


Hannah L. Ubl is an author, researcher, and thought leader on the future of work. As cofounder of Good Company Consulting, she's committed to creating better workplaces by bridging the chasm between leadership and employees. She has been trusted to deliver her findings with thousands of leaders, new hires, and everyone in between.
Hannah is the coauthor of Managing Millennials for Dummies and The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World.

Lisa X. Walden is a speaker, author, and trendspotter dedicated to helping people create authentic, empowering workplaces that don't inspire the dreaded Sunday scaries. Lisa has been studying people at work for over a decade, and her insights have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Fortune.

Lisa is the coauthor of Managing Millennials for Dummies and The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World.


"The new way of working is already here and leaders must take action before it's too late. The Future of Work is Human offers the right tools to help organizations shift to a more holistic and human approach. This is definitely a must read!"  – Adrian Peterson, employee experience program manager at HP

"In today's world, the question of how to create a great workplace environment is at the forefront of everyone's mind–from leaders to employees. Finding the answer is incredibly difficult when we are bombarded with contradictory messages about what a great workplace should look like. Well, fear not–The Future of Work is Human has the answers on how each of us (leaders to employees) can create a human-centered work experience." -– Lani Basa, owner of The Business Women's Circle

"Fascinating, validating, thought-provoking, and FUN. Everyone who cares about their teams and building great workplaces needs to read The Future of Work is Human."  –Clint Pulver, Emmy award-winning keynote speaker and bestselling author of I Love It Here

"These situational stories and thought-provoking insights put into words what many of us have experienced in our careers. As a leader of 'humans,' this book has become a resource to building a wholesome and caring culture where Mondays don't suck."  –Mark Hasting, COO of Blain’s Supply Co.

"This book captures what it feels like to be a leader and employee in today's work environment, as full of the highs and lows as it can be. Even better, it shares how all of us–from new hires to leaders–can get started on making the workplace a better space to be." -– Jenn Lim, CEO and cofounder of Delivering Happiness and bestselling author of Beyond Happiness