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The Funny Thing about Grief

ISBN: 9781643439570
Binding: Paperback
Author: Katie Stifter
Pages: 152
Trim: 5 x 7.25 inches
Published: 7/7/2020

Grief isn't funny—is it? What about when life is so heartbreakingly tragic, so gut-wrenchingly unbearable, that to ease the overwhelming ache you feel, if only for a minute or two, you just have to laugh?

In The Funny Thing about Grief, author Katie Stifter shares her struggle to survive the sudden, tragic death of her beloved husband and best friend, Andy. It's a thing she can't fathom surviving, yet she manages to, a little bit every day, as she raises her two young kids and newborn baby, helping them survive their grief too. In recounting her journey, Katie creates a guide for others who are lost amid their own grief and heartache, ultimately imparting that humor can only help and there can be happiness after loss.


Katie Stifter is a widow, mother, high-school counselor, and sometimes-funny wannabe blogger raising three children. Laughter and humor have always been her jam, and she uses it in many ways to heal and live after loss. You can follow her on Facebook (@katiethewickedwidow), on Instagram (@katiethewickedwidow), or on her blog (thewickedwidow).


"The Funny Thing about Grief will leave you laughing, crying, and laughing again. Katie beautifully shares her life and loss in a way that allows us to know Andy and feel that we are walking alongside her during those heartbreaking days. She shares how laughter and her faith are cornerstones of living her best life after a tragic loss." - Lyn Kienholz, Regional Director, Modern Widows Club

"Just as when you talk to her person, Katie makes grief and loss accessible, authentic, faithful, and, believe it or not, humorous in her book, The Funny Thing about Grief. She bravely reveals her path through widowhood as she navigates her and her kids' new normal. By tackling this unimaginable topic, Katie allows us to get to know Andy and provides an inspiring perspective on God, living, and laughter." - Arika Mareck, Principal, Silver Peak Coaching and Consulting

"Katie's courage to look for hope in the face of heartbreaking grief is an inspiration, and a lesson for us all about the healing power of laughter and joy." - Roxane Battle, former KARE 11 anchor and award-winning author of Pockets of Joy: Deciding to Be Happy, Choosing to Be Free