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The Fruits of Inclusion

ISBN: 9780615154268
Binding: Paperback
Author: Linda Burrs
Pages: 108
Trim: 5.75 x 9 inches
Published: 1/1/2008

Have you ever wished you had an exceptional resource to help you with the setup and strategic development of a sustainable diversity and inclusion program . . . Well your wish has come true!

Based on the values and principles of Second Generation Diversity Training™ (SGDT™) this book walks the reader through the process for designing a diversity and inclusion program that really can work for your organization. The four steps the reader explores are:
- Understanding if we are ready for diversity and inclusion and if not how do we get ready?
- Being clear about how to design a strategy that works for your organization’s unique culture?
- How to decide what type of training programs will support the strategy?
- Consider ways to make diversity and inclusion sustainable?

SGDT™ is about creating cultures of excellence through the practices of inclusion. It is about developing skills that offer everyone an opportunity to have a seat and a say. Second generation diversity training is about how to explore truths beyond our normal conditioning so that we may all enjoy the fruits of hard work innovative practices and creative energy that bring the very best into the workplace and into society. SGDT© is about building the type of skills that make our workplaces havens of energy excitement and commitment versus places of fear entropy and doubt. If you want employees waking up WANTING to come to work versus HAVING to come to work read on.


Oh no . . . here we go again … another diversity initiative… another diversity book… another diversity program. Sound familiar? Not this time! This is the Second Generation Diversity Training© . . . the time is now and it is long past due. Second generation diversity training has arrived and it is better than ever. Diversity is about all of us not just some of us. We are all already diverse and as such we need to learn how to be inclusive and more responsive to each other. Diversity training should never be about blame shame or making others feel guilty. Real diversity and inclusion training is about learning how to respond to each other’s differences in ways that helps us individually and collectively move beyond our personal notions of who is right or wrong and what is truth beyond our normal conditioning.

About Author
Dr. Linda Burrs is the President of the Step Up to Success! consulting firm that focuses on leadership and organizational strategies for leaders teams and individuals. She has worked in the corporate and professional training arena for more 25 years. Linda teaches at the University of Phoenix Cincinnati and Dayton campuses and North Central University. An adjunct professor and guest lecturer at McGregor’s School of Business for students in the MBA program she is a founding member of She lives in the Dayton Ohio area.