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Self-Help - Personal Transformation

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The Fraud Factor

ISBN: 9780978564629
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bruce E. Roselle
Trim: 5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 5/17/2016

Even the most self-confident people can suddenly find themselves in situations where they feel inadequate. At these times, their self-doubt can convince them that they need to be fundamentally different.

However trying to be someone different than who you are at the core is a frustrating and ultimately fruitless exercise. This book helps the reader recognize the symptoms of the fraud factor and then reconnect with who they are at the core in terms of personality abilities motivations and beliefs in order to be genuine and authentic.


Bruce E. Roselle PhD brings a breadth of experience and a deep sense of purpose to the task of helping leaders. For nearly 30 years Bruce has served organizational needs in leadership development executive coaching and psychological assessment. A recognized expert in the field of leadership Bruce is a frequent speaker at conferences and corporate events. His leadership views have appeared in newspapers journals magazines radio and television including a monthly online article for the American City Business Journals. His best-selling book Fearless Leadership (2006) won awards for Best Business Book and Best Self-Help Book in 2007. His first book was Vital Truths (2002) and his newest book is The Fraud Factor published in May 2016.