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The Fire Athlete Fitness Program

ISBN: 9781936782215
Binding: Paperback
Author: Ryan Vacek
Pages: 182
Trim: 8.25 x 11 inches
Published: 8/1/2011

Author and veteran firefighter Ryan Vacek understands the daily demands placed on firefighters. He has firsthand knowledge of what makes fire fighting among the most stressful—and dangerous—occupations in the world.

Now with The Fire Athlete Fitness Program Ryan Vacek aims to significantly reduce firefighter injury and help “fire athletes” achieve robust physical health and stamina.

Vacek’s program focuses on movements similar to those used while fighting fires and it uses firefighting equipment primarily a standard bundle of hose. He takes firefighters through easy-to-follow steps for each workout (enhanced with photographs) and indicates the intensity and duration of each exercise including resting times and the particular strength that results from the exercises.

Being in peak physical shape is imperative not only for firefighters to work effectively but to safeguard their health—and lives. With The Fire Athlete Fitness Program they can do just that.

Ryan Vacek has worked in the fire service for twelve years. He is currently a lieutenant and ACE Peer Fitness Trainer/ Wellness Coordinator for Westlake Fire Department in Austin Texas. Aside from his passion for health and fitness Ryan loves to spend free time with his family golf with friends and saltwater fish with his dad along the Texas coast.