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Sports, Outdoors & Nature - Football (American) Teen & Young Adult - Fiction

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The Equipment Guys

ISBN: 9781942443018
Binding: Paperback
Author: Phillip Buchanon
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 1/12/2016

Growing up, Jim and his pals Kyle and Seth didn't simply follow the Orlando Buccaneers-they lived breathed and ate red and white flying the colors on their bedroom walls and flipping Topps football cards for quarters.

Trying out for the freshman football team Jim was the only one of the group who really demonstrated any potential. However Jim had bigger plans for his life: college law school and his father's law firm-was the plan until a reunion with his hard-partying pals reminded him of how much he missed the good old days.

Now Jim is starting over joining Kyle and Seth as "equipment guys" for the Orlando Buccaneers-positions with just enough clout to bring plenty of trouble to the table. Sex scoring and major league mischief are all in the playbook when these three friends are playing the field but are there really any winners in this type of game?


Phillip Buchanon was born September, 19 1980 in Fort Myers Florida. Drafted by the Oakland Raiders 17th overall in the 2002 NFL draft. He played College Football at the University of Miami.