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The Elephant with a Knot in His Trunk

ISBN: 9781545615317
Binding: Paperback
Author: Nancy Patz and Stuart Sheer
Published: 12/19/2017

Kofi a young elephant was born with a knot in his trunk. His disability keeps him from eating drinking and trumpeting as other elephants do. His peers bully him and Kofi feels isolated and inadequate. When he discovers Big Ebo the meanest bully caught in a whirlpool he faces a challenging decision. Should he attempt to rescue the bully? Can succeed? Should he even try?

As in her other award-winning books Patz's lively watercolor and pencil paintings show clearly the emotions of the characters and bring Kofi's story to life.


Nancy Patz has won many awards for her children's books which often address emotionally sensitive topics. In The Elephant with the Knot in His Trunk Patz and orthodontist Stuart Sheer tell the story of an elephant born with a knot in his trunk-- a disability that keeps him from using his trunk as other elephants do. Born in Baltimore Patz attended public schools and Goucher College she graduated from Stanford University. Her paintings prints and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries and she often lectures to schools and teachers' groups on her books and the art of the picture book. The Special Collections Library at Goucher College houses the Nancy Patz Collection of artwork manuscripts and correspondence.