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The Devil and the Dark Island

ISBN: 1592981321
Binding: Paperback
Author: Audrey McClellan
Pages: 400
Published: 10/27/2005

He heard Things sometimes . . .

Bonnie Prince Jamie felt that prickling presentiment in the back of his neck that meant something weird was about to happen. Slowly softly a mist was beginning to rise around the wildflower patch. The mist thickened and began to separate into wisps resembling human forms. Another shape appeared taller and more solid. Its ghostly arms lifted and ghostly hands raised a long narrow shape to a ghostly mouth.

And then the music started.

Jamie fought back against the music's lure terrified that at any minute he'd be able to hear -- and understand -- what They wanted and knowing his sanity would not survive that knowledge.

Ghostly wisps on Eilean Dubh? Talking seals? Fairies in Caisteal Mac an Caisteal Mac an Rìgh? An evil property developer lusting for the Island's beautiful coastline? An archaeologist lusting for a Mesolithic site? A newspaper editor lusting for the archaeologist?

As Jean Mac an R&igravegh would say "Whatever next?" Or would say were she not busy leading a women's sit-in to stop the bulldozers having Darroch's baby by torchlight or wowing the crowd at the Celtic Folk Festival.

A Dhia beannaich mi! It's all happening on the quiet little Dark Island. He heard Things sometimes . . .


Audrey McClellan is a Minneapolis author who has been active in the Twin Cities Celtic community for twenty years. She is past president of the Twin Cities Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society co-founder and past president of the St. Piran's Cornish Society and past vice president of the St. David's Welsh Society. She has studied the Gaelic language and with husband Mike has traveled widely in Scotland. Audrey lives in south Minneapolis with Mike a cat a canary and six goldfish. She is a librarian at the Washburn Branch of Minneapolis Public Library.