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Children's Books - 4-8 Years

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The Cursive Letters REVOLT!!

ISBN: 9781545672716
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Christy Zwenger
Illustrator: Steve Radzi
Pages: 47
Trim: 11 x 8.5 inches
Published: 10/8/2019

Kicked out from Society, the disgusted Cursive Letters whip up a magical scheme to prove their importance to Humanity, and with it, save the World!


Christy Gay Zwenger is an accomplished writer and educator and… lover of Life! With a Master’s Degree in Education and 30+ years of classroom teaching, she has much to say about the Cursive Letters and their importance to Society. Read more at Christy lives at the ocean with her husband and spends summers on Lake Michigan. Her inspiration comes while swimming in big blue water; reading a “can’t put down” book; and writing on topics she’s passionate about! Christy encourages: “Be true to yourself…LIVE LIFE FUN…and…master the art of Cursive!” Find her classes on cursive on YouTube. Visit the Cursives at


 “Fantastically fun and brings to light how much cursive REALLY matters. A must read if you think it doesn’t!” Chris Ley, IKAGG Global Enterprises LLC

“All together, I think this book is valuable, inspiring and very timely. Acquiring the knowledge to write in cursive is a must for every young child’s learning skillsets. I really loved the Cursive Foursome and Magic Martin, who share the importance of mastering your cursive signature. As a past educator and current business owner, signing contracts and paperwork is a requirement for everyone to use all through their lives! This book is a discovery treasure for kids to take a reading lesson on the importance of cursive writing. Easy to read and visually fun with letter characters that tell their story, this book is a must for every boy and girl.” —John Eyres, President, Business Connections Consulting