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The Complexion Companion: A Holistic Guide to Skincare as Self-Care

ISBN: 9781634894289
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Maggie Miley Kelly
Pages: 152
Trim: 7” x 9” inches
Published: 5/25/2021

Skincare = self-care.

This mantra is the foundation of The Complexion Companion, a collection of sweet and simple skincare tips amassed by Maggie Miley Kelly in her decades-long career as an esthetician and holistic health coach. Kelly has worked with thousands of clients to improve, heal, and clear their complexions of acne, scarring, and signs of premature aging. But equally important to Kelly are those less visible signs of wellness: a better self-image, a healthier definition of beauty, and consistent daily home skincare.

Inside, Kelly breaks down what you really need to know about caring for your skin at home, from understanding how to read product ingredients labels to debunking prevalent skincare myths. Let her holistic expertise guide you in treating your inflammatory skin conditions, aging amazingly, breaking your worst skincare habits, and more. Let Kelly navigate you through the intricate world of skincare with The Complexion Companion, your new skincare essential.


Maggie Miley Kelly is an advanced practice licensed esthetician, registered yoga and meditation instructor, energy healer and holistic health coach, entrepreneur, educator, writer, reader, dancer, and dreamer.

After more than two decades of building a career in skincare treatments, product and equipment sales, and education, Maggie began to long to settle into her own space and create a business based on all the things she really believed in and valued about the industry.

In 2012, Maggie opened Complexions on Carter Skincare Boutique—a small skincare spa with a focus on healing adolescent to adult acne and Amazing Aging (her preferred term, rather than the disempowering, discouraging and unrealistic term "anti-aging")—and in 2019, added more space to host groups for meditation, sound bath healing, and skincare classes.

As word got around and business grew, Maggie began to realize that there was no shortage of people seeking what she was offering—skincare treatments and education that focused on the whole self, an holistic approach that addresses nutrition, stress levels, hormonal factors, and lifestyle and habits, as well as topical products and ingredients.

The Complexion Companion is her first book, based on the most frequently asked questions and conversations with clients. It is a holistic guide to skincare as self-care—exploring the many factors that affect the skin, the way we feel about the way we look, and how to take great care of the whole self in the effort to achieve the best complexion possible.

In this book, Maggie shares how her love of skincare and beauty, her fascination with spirituality and her desire to heal from grief & loss led to dedicating her life to learning, simplifying and teaching self-care and self-love as a path to improve health and quality of life.


"The Complexion Companion is like the diary of a skin guru: part ageless wisdom and part timeless advice. I've never purchased a skincare guide before because they never seemed to address my dark complexion and melanin skin needs. Maggie Miley Kelly does this beautifully and mindfully." - Tia Cannon, New York City chef

"Finally, a book that treats the skin like the amazingly complex organ it is! If you're only treating your skin with products, The Complexion Companion's holistic wisdom and natural healing methods will forever change the way you think about your skincare routine." - Stephanie Domrose, empowerment coach and entrepreneur

"It doesn't matter what kind of skin you have, your level of melanin, if you have a T-zone, are prone to breakouts—you are in this book. The Complexion Companion will join my skincare products on my dressing table for years to come. I urge you to keep it close at hand too." - Hilary Jastram, author of Sick Success

"Regarding my skin and holistic self-care rituals, I do whatever Maggie tells me to do. After reading this book, you will too." - Jules Annen, Ph.D., author of Beauty in Balance