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The Burlesque Coloring Book

ISBN: 9780998449616
Binding: Paperback
Author: James Courtney
Trim: 10 x 10 inches

Introduction by Jim Sweeney

The Burlesque Coloring Book is a delightfully detailed collection of illustrations showcasing the fabulous scenery extravagant costuming and vibrant performers that make burlesque what it is today. Featuring over 50 real-life drawings by highly acclaimed pin-up artist James Courtney every page of this book stands poised and ready for your choreography of color!

Printed on high-quality thick paper stock each coloring page is on its own separate sheet crayons pencils or even pens can be used. And the variety of illustrations presented guarantee a relaxing and inspiring experience for colorists of every skill level.

James Courtney is a highly acclaimed illustrator and pin-up artist. His drawings capture the spirit of larger than life personalities and performers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Following completion of his widely enjoyed Kinky Coloring Book series Courtney leapt head first into the wild and wonderful world of burlesque. There he discovered characters and contributors that inspired him to draw anew. The result of those efforts is Courtney's most visually-rich creation to date The Burlesque Coloring Book.

"All the comedy and sexiness of a burlesque show without having to leave your house! The Burlesque Coloring Book is a fun and imaginative portrayal of burlesque in all of it's varying styles that truly celebrates the diversity of these amazing performers! The perfect combination of art and sass!" - Deb au Nare founder of the Burlesque Academy of Asheville

"The glamour of burlesque is perfect for coloring! As a burlesque aficionado I'm thrilled by the charm and energy in these drawings. As a coloring fiend I adore the beautiful costuming and fine details in this book!" - Jo Weldon author of The Burlesque Handbook

"The Burlesque Coloring Book captures not just the look and style of contemporary burlesque but also the sparkly personalities that make up today's scene. Other adult coloring books help you relax this one's guaranteed to leave you more than a little worked up." - Dustin M. Wax Executive Director of the Burlesque Hall of Fame

"The Burlesque Coloring Book exemplifies all the spirit sass and fun burlesque has to offer. A little bit campy and a whole lotta sexy what better way to unwind than to spend time coloring these fabulous beauties? one says you have to stay inside the lines!" - Autumn Adamme founder of Dark Garden Unique Corsetry