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The Bucket List Book

ISBN: 9781634890519
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Paul Batz and Mark Bergman
Trim: 5 x 7 inches
Published: 5/12/2017

Discover How Aspirational Thinking Helps You Thrive

Are you too stuck in the daily grind to reach for your dreams? Are you afraid to share your goals with friends and family for fear of failing? Are you overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought of taking steps toward your dreams . . . or are you prone to "I'll do that next year" procrastination?

In The Bucket List Book executive coach and inspirational speaker Paul Batz shares his research and personal coaching about how a Bucket List can push you toward achieving all your goals big and small. With the help of inventor Mark Bergman Paul shares his exciting philosophy of aspirational thinking including strategies to:

  • Overcome your fear of naming and sharing your goals
  • Use a Bucket List to achieve both personal and professional goals
  • Get started now on your Bucket List!

Having a Bucket List isn't about dying it's about living. If you want the tools and inspiration to live the life you dream of-plus a place to start your Bucket List-The Bucket List Book is the book for you.

Paul Batz is CEO and founder of Good Leadership Enterprises. He is an inspirational leadership coach best-selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today. He is the author of the bestselling What Really Works: Blending the Seven Fs for the Life You Imagine and Inspire Persuade Lead: Communication Secrets of Excellent Leaders.

"Please don't have a midlife crisis. But if you do drop everything and read this book. It will not only change the way you think about your life but how you choose to live it. And the good news is that you end up smiling!"-Richard Leider international-bestselling author of The Power of Purpose Repacking Your Bags and Life Reimagined

"I couldn't put it down-a fun read! It helped me to revisit and rebuild my Bucket List to dream more and learn more-and it gave me the tools to do more."-Brad Lantz business mentor

"What an outstanding read! This book showed me that a Bucket List is more than a tool to describe my wild and crazy adventure dreams. It's a place to sketch out my leadership aspirations life goals AND adventures . . . and will serve as the motivation I need to achieve them. Chapter 7 on aspirational leadership and a Bucket List is a must read for all leaders seeking to bring out the best in others."-Jennifer Myster president Allina Health-Buffalo

"Inspiring! Very positive and uplifting read. The Bucket List Book made me realize life can be so rich when we challenge ourselves to reach our goals and make checks off our Bucket List."-Bill Lunn Emmy-winning anchor/reporter and author of Heart of a Ranger

"This book reminds us that creating (and sharing) our Bucket List is a great way to encourage aspiration-instead of stagnation-in both our professional and personal lives."-John Hallberg CEO Children's Cancer Research Fund

"Paul's done it again-taken a very simple concept and made it come alive for me as a leader. Every good leader needs a Bucket List and this book will make that process fun!"-Dan Mallin cofounder Minnesota Cup Magnet 360 and Equals 3

"This is a great little book! It's very thought provoking and inspiring. Paul gives us a good poke in the ribs to get out of our comfort zones and do something exciting with our lives."-Jeff Given president Bercom

"I love this book! It's simple it's fun it's inspiring and it reminded me there are so many things I want to do!"-Dave Ryan radio personality and author of Take a Shower Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything

"Wherever you are on your aspirational journey this is the book for you!"-Lynn Casey chair &amp CEO Padilla

"Reading The Bucket List Book was a transforming experience and it took me less than two hours! Previously I had always considered a Bucket List as something for the later years in life. . . . Now I see my Bucket List as something to be lived out in all of my years. My Bucket List begins today! I am looking forward to someday saying 'I'm glad we did' instead of 'I wish we had . . .'"-John Gamades partner at OrangeBall Creative