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the book of Theresa: book I: a bittersweet love story

ISBN: 9781943376001
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 215
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 6/15/2016

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An enchanting voyage awaits the reader in this charming collection of new poetry. With old-world and modern styles of writing (and some things in between), this collection offers something for every poetry admirer. Witness both the highest highs and the absolute lows of emotion, expressed from the heart of a true lover. From richly romantic to brutally descriptive heartbreak, there are many shades of passion to be experienced within the pages of this book. Many of the included poems, some of which may well become instant classics, are sure to touch the heart of each reader with their vivid imagery and sentiment. This journey through love is a "must add" piece to every avid poetry-lover's collection.

Keith A. McLaughlin is a poet from Chicago, IL who started writing in third grade. His interest is in capturing the art within nature, emotion, and other subjects, and expressing it with vivid or quirky words, using various styles.

"Anyone who has ever had their heart shattered to pieces can identify with some poems in McLaughlin's book. His work is far from ordinary and speaks to the deeper thoughts most of us don't think anyone else understands. From the darkness to the glimmer of hope, each masterpiece seems to portray the stages the love sick go through. I would err on the side of caution and have a box of tissues on your book stand next to your cup of tea. Even the hand drawn art speaks volumes. You really start to think and reflect on your own life. I can't get enough of the realness that comes through his work. I highly recommend this work of art!" — Cece, on Amazon, 5 stars

"Love and romance have an eternal connection with poetry. Expressions of love in poetry delight the soul and make you feel the grandest emotion. Yet love has many sides and branches off into various emotions. 

This poignant poetry collection paints a story that deals with these emotions.

Commencing with the elation of love it begins with uplifting and creative pieces of poetry. There is a sense of irony in the name of the poem being called 'Fairy Tales'. Often elation masks the effects of reality and this is a perfect beginning for the twists and turns of love.

There is a sudden change in the tone of the poems as the wonder of love is lost. Initially, it felt like this section goes on too long in wallowing in despair and suicidal thoughts. However, in reflection, this perfectly captures the utter despair that is felt when a wanted love is gone.

Once the love returns there is both a relief from the reader and character. Ensuring the tone changes again to the sweetness of love. In describing this it is clear how the author has magically played with your emotions and forced you to have empathy with the character.

From a poetic sense, it is clear use of narrative poetry with elements of rhyme, but specifically free verse. This form is good for the story element of the book and showcases the emotions.

A deep and delightful read that puts the reader into that most fascinating of emotions called love. A must read." — Louiville, 5 stars, Wordpress