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The Balance Point: New Ways Business Owners Can Use Boards

ISBN: 9780979955105
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Cary J. Tutelman and Larry D. Hause
Pages: 384
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 4/1/2008

The Balance Point offers a step-by-step guide to tackle business transition challenges in these times of economic insecurity.

In The Balance Point: New Ways Business Owners Can Use Boards authors Cary Tutelman and Larry Hause leading consultants to private and family businesses with more than forty years combined experience offer an owner-friendly practical guide that shows how owners managers and boards work together. Going beyond just an explanation of what each group does this book explains the authors’ proven model of how a board can serve as the balance point to more effectively run grow and transition private companies.

The authors define a board as the balance point between ownership and management. A board’s main responsibility is to discuss integrate and resolve (balance) the often-competing interests of ownership and management.

The Balance Point is written specifically for owners of businesses in transition. During times of economic uncertainty business transition is a certainty. This book gives owners proven ways to manage many different transition challenges.

Cary J. Tutelman Ph.D. is a business consultant and owner of CJT Company. Cary helps privately held and family businesses grow and move through the complicated web of ownership management board and family issues that transition brings. He has been actively helping businesses since 1981.

As a founding member of the Center for Family Enterprise at the University of St. Thomas Cary served on their Board of Advisors and chaired their Professional Advisory Committee which helped family business professionals learn to better serve their clients. He was an Adjunct Professor in the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas from 1985-1995 where he taught courses in management.


Larry D. Hause has extensive experience in helping owners transition their family and privately-held businesses. He specializes in transitions that are substantial, complex, frustrating, and drain hope from those entwined in it.  

As an attorney, Larry understands the legal rights and responsibilities of owners, directors, and managers; the tax consequences of changing ownership; and the numerous ways properties can be held and allocated to protect the businesses and resolve differences among owners. He can ensure that decisions made up front are reflected in appropriate legal documents. 

As a transition strategist, Larry co-developed the "Balance Point System" that provides a simple, yet effective way to solve all transition issues whenever a founder wants to change how he or she is involved with the business or when the plan is for ownership to be passed to two or more individuals. This system provides a framework to balance all of the primary issues involved with every transition: power, money, and personal relationships. 

Larry is a fellow with the Family Firm Institute; a co-author of the curriculum for The Board School since 2001; a recipient of the Family Firm Institute's 2010 Interdisciplinary Award for his outstanding achievement in the advancement of the interdisciplinary services to business families; and co-author of The Balance Point. (