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The Aquavore Diet

ISBN: 9781935098324
Binding: Paperback
Author: William H. Dunn
Pages: 120
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 5/1/2011

The Aquavore® Diet is a revolutionary system designed for you a busy person who wants to lose weight at the right pace with no fad diet restrictions or forced foods. The Aquavore® Plan allows you to lose weight naturally without self-denial using the right foods to help you avoid cancer diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Plan is easy and enjoyable allowing you to keep the weight off for good. You’ll learn about the glycemic index and new breakthroughs in nutrition that are absolutely necessary to maintain the best health you can achieve.

With today’s economy and expensive diets abounding is there a system that’s effective yet easy on your budget? The Aquavore® Diet is the solution. It’s a simple but scientific plan that doesn’t require counting calories or points. You do the eating: the plan will do the rest.

Dr. William Dunn author of The 5 Steps for Life is a clinician specializing in cancer treatments. A graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina he currently works as a doctor of radiation oncology in Michigan.

His latest works have taken him into the prevention of cancer and disease through nutrition and weight control. His goal is to spread the word that being overweight can put you at high risk of cancer but that reducing your weight likewise can reverse this.

Through his books seminars and publications you can get an in-depth understanding of nutrition and cancer prevention. For more information see