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Children's Books - 4-8 Years

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The Adventures of Cloud Girl

ISBN: 9780998693217
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Dael Oates and Stephen Beck
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 7/5/2017

Susie wants a pet but she just can't decide which pet to get. Then she looked up and saw something right there in the sky. A little cloud named Fluffy! How about this little guy! Fluffy loves to fetch and loves to chase but when he barks with lightening everyone runs from the place! But best of all Fluffy can become anything she imagines under the sun! Join Susie and Fluffy on their adventure where the only limit is their imagination.

Steve and Dael are a couple of Aussie mates that love watching reading and telling stories. They met at the Oscar winning animation studio Animallogic (Happy Feet The Lego Movie Lego Batman). There they learnt a lot about storytelling and animation. It was from there Dael became an award winning director and Steve an award winning animator. However Steve and Dael had their own crazy ideas stories and characters they wanted to bring to life. They got super excited and created their first book The Adventures of Cloud Girl which has set the stage for even more wild adventures and wonderful characters to come under their new story studio: Left Shoe Lost.