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Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening: A Guidebook to the Creation of Your Own Financial Plan Using Quicken Software

ISBN: ‎ 9781592980253
Binding: Paperback
Author: Paul Lemon

More than a book on personal finance TEN WEEKS TO FINANCIAL AWAKENING is a revolutionary finance/self-awareness program that allows you to:

- Understand your relationship to money and what you really want in life.
- Establish an organizational system to keep all the paper from suffocating you.
- Set up and manage your finances with Quicken&reg software-successfully.
- Make informed decisions about work debt investing insurance taxes retirement and estate planning-exploring hundreds of &lsquoWhat If ' options.
- Keep your personal financial plan updated with changes that occur in your life.
- Experience happiness and contentment by learning to &lsquoground' with your money.

Paul Lemon is not your everyday financial planner. He grew up modestly on a ranch in Durango CO and put himself through college with the money he earned breaking horses since the age of 12. After graduation Paul returned to his hometown and became the CPA to nearly 500 clients a business he grew over time. It wasn't just Paul's ability to crank out his clients taxes and provide relevant financial advice to his clients' questions that resulted in such growth. The real service that kept the townspeople returning year after year was Paul's ability to sit with and listen to his clients. His goal has always been to help each of his clients find more happiness with less suffering in their financial lives. Longing to uncover a solution to the money misery we all experience, he sold his private CPA tax practice to become a full time CFP trade fee-only financial planner. Paul's new approach is rooted in practical experience and focuses on the cause not the symptoms of our troubled relationship to money. He believes that each person must come to grips with money by finally giving it their full attention. "You can't delegate this work to a professional " Paul says "You have to develop a daily 'conversation' with money that helps you live authentically. Awakening follows attention."


"Committing to ten weeks with Paul's process will result in a big payoff. You'll not only find answers to the financial puzzle but you will find it provides a roadmap to peace understanding and success in the 'wholeness' of your life." --Vern C. Hayden CFPTM Founding Chairman National Endowment for Financial Education and Author of Getting an Investing Game Plan Creating It, Working It, Winning It

"I have worked with and seen many financial planners and books on the topic worldwide and I have never before read anything that comes even close to Paul's system. You will learn about how genuine happiness contentment and money can co-exist in your life. This complete money system will set you free financially FOREVER. This book is so important to your life. Do it for yourself NOW." --Michele Blood Founder of Author of The Be A Magnet To Success System

"Highly insightful. Lemon's fresh approach helps people discover their inner investment motivations and use proven tools to implement a financial plan that comes from the heart." --Andrew McCausland CFP® CLU Managing Director of The McCausland Group