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Supporting the Sense of Life: Nurturing well-being in young children and the adults who care for them

ISBN: 9781936849482
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 3/15/2019

Supporting the Sense of Life, a collection of keynote lectures from the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America’s Annual East Coast Conference, 2014-2016, offers keenly observed and researched insights on how to assist the development of children’s comfortable orientation in the world—and how, as educators and caregivers, to support and strengthen our own sense of well-being.


Featuring contributions from Susan Weber (Singing and Speaking the Child into Life, WECAN 2017), a founder of Sophia’s Hearth Family Center in Keene, New Hampshire; Ruth Ker (Please, Can We Play Games?, WECAN 2018), a founder of the Sunrise Waldorf School in British Columbia, Canada; Patricia Rubano, early childhood educator and a director at the Center for Biography and Social Art in Northampton, Massachusetts; Adam Blanning, M.D. (Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs, Lindisfarne Books 2017), a founder of the Denver Center for Anthropsophic Therapies in Denver, Colorado; and Barbara Baldwin, a curative educator, therapist and speech pathologist.

Editor Nancy Blanning has been on the faculty of the Denver Waldorf School in Colorado since 1985, where her teaching experience includes 17 years as lead Kindergarten teacher. Her writings and contributions to publications about early childhood education include Walking with Our Children (WECAN 2017), First Grade Readiness (WECAN 2009) and Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures Volumes 1 and 2 with Laurie Clark. She is the editor of Gateways Newsletter.