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Strength to Stand

ISBN: 9781592870202
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sheyna Galyan Editor
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 8/4/2015

When Rabbi Batya Zahav first suspects she's the victim of an anti-Jewish stalker she enlists the help of her colleague Rabbi David Cohen. Soon her husband Arik an Israeli-born Minneapolis cop is also on the case. As the stalker's anonymous persecution increases in violent intensity it falls to David to identify the stalker before someone gets hurt and before the stalker carries out the latest chilling threat.


Sheyna Galyan is an Indie Excellence Award finalist and author of the character-driven Rabbi David Cohen suspense series set in Minneapolis. Her short stories have been published in anthologies and online and her essays and articles have appeared in national and local publications. She graduated from the St. Paul Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy in 2012. With advanced degrees in psychology and education her favorite questions are "Why?" and "Why not?" Visit her at

"...a story that will enlighten as well as grip the reader."-Mary Ann Grossmann St. Paul Pioneer Press

"A smart mystery full of Jewish learning and lore."-Rabbi David Wolpe Max Webb Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and best-selling author of Making Loss Matter

"At times playful and at times unsettling Sheyna Galyan's Strength to Stand blends insightful humor riveting suspense and an obvious love for Judaism. A charming chilling book that places Rabbi David Cohen alongside Harry Kemelman's David Small and Faye Kellerman's Peter Decker in the pantheon of observant Jewish crime-stoppers. One of the most engaging books of the year."-Dr. Jacob M. Appel award-winning author of Phoning Home The Biology of Luck and the Rabbi Kappelmacher mystery series

"Galyan's latest is rich in culture suspense and character. The dialogue snaps and the action builds. If you're looking for a rich mystery you can't miss with Strength to Stand!"-Jessica Lourey author of the Lefty-nominated Murder-by-Month mysteries

"Sheyna Galyan's new mystery Strength to Stand is part one-breath-at-a-time suspense part fascinating depiction of what goes on in a rabbi's life-both professionally and personally-and part exposé on human motivation. Rich and atmospheric Galyan seamlessly weaves crime life and love in this unforgettable novel."-Jessie Chandler award-winning author of the Shay O'Hanlon Caper Series

"Sheyna Galyan has authored a poignant and enlightened story that explores the complexities of the Jewish culture and draws its readers into the lives of families struggling with their respective roles within that community-all the while dealing with an ominous stalker who is promising to deliver death and destruction to their world."-Allen Eskens award-winning author of The Life We Bury

"Sheyna Galyan's Strength to Stand is a suspenseful story of contemporary Jewish families. Its themes of belonging and community raise important issues yet are thoughtfully interwoven into a very dynamic narrative. Galyan has written a compelling must-read whether you are Jewish or not."-Susan Koefod award-winning author of the Arvo Thorson mystery series

"Escalating threats make this a creepy cozy in Minnesota's Jewish community."-Julie Kramer award-winning author of Shunning Sarah Killing Kate and Delivering Death