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Still Laughing, Still Learning (Still Looking for a Good Title): Mostly True Stories of Family, Friends, Faith & Foibles

ISBN: 9781643438894
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bill Chadwick
Pages: 224
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 12/1/2019

In the style of works by Robert Fulghum and Anne Lamott, the stories in Still Laughing, Still Learning (Still Looking for a Good Title) touch on a plenitude of topics, from the warm fuzzies and terrors of parenting to the joys and conundrums of pastoring. But you don’t need to be a church person to appreciate Chadwick’s insights into the human condition. You may snort milk out your nose at his take on one heck of a biking mishap and then be deeply moved by his interpretations of emotional hot buttons like anger, inclusivity, and death. And while the last thing the world may need is another book, this collection proves there can never be too many stories.

Bill Chadwick is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and San Francisco Theological Seminary. Bill’s favorite roles in life are husband, dad, preacher, and writer, but he is also a fisherperson, ventriloquist, stand-up comic, biker, and cross-country skier. He and his wife, Kris Jacobson, live in the Minneapolis area.


“Love your stories! Brilliant glimpses into humanity . . . into what’s sacred. Thoroughly funny, moving, and beautiful . . . stories about how we belong to and for each other. Incredible! Dang, man, you really spin a wonderful yarn, perfect amounts of spice, theology, foible.” — Kevin Kling, storyteller, author, playwright, and regular contributor to NPR’s All Things Considered 

“Bill is a great storyteller, captivating and engaging, brutally honest and rib-crackingly hilarious! He gives a peek behind the scenes of a pastor’s life and has an uncanny way of turning an ordinary event into a transformative experience.” — Rev. Dr. Umo Udo, certified life coach, retreat leader, and grief coalition facilitator

“Some people have ‘the eye.’ They look at events the rest of us pass by with hardly a flicker of interest and see depth, texture, and nuance: in short, epiphanies of the human condition. Bill Chadwick has ‘the eye,’ and in this arresting collection of essays he approaches topics as lighthearted as baldness and as grave as death and finds revelations both divine and human. This is a book to read and re-read with joy and insight.— Dr. Thomas Long, best-selling author and Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching at Candler School of Theology, Emory University

I read Still Laughing in one long and enjoyable sitting in front of the fireplace on an unseasonably cold day. Bill Chadwick is one fine storyteller; I laughed aloud and shed a tear or two as well. This book warmed my heart and quickened so many memories. Time and again, I nodded my head as I read and said to myself, ‘Just so, just so.’ As one might surmise, its pages are also full of potential sermon material! —Rev. Michael Lindvall, former pastor of Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City, and best-selling author of numerous books, including the North Haven series, The Geography of God and What Did Jesus Do?

“Bill has a great gift for telling stories. At times, I couldn’t stop laughing. Other times, I wept. A life-changing book, Still Laughing helps us see the absurdities of life and also the deep meaning of it.” —Jolene L. Roehlkepartain, founding editor of Children’s Ministry magazine and author of thirty-three books, including Nurturing Faith in Families, Teaching Kids to Care & Share, and 101 Great Games for Kids

“A wise rabbi once said, ‘God made humanity because God loves stories.’ There is much for God to love in Bill’s stories, for they beautifully illuminate the holy in the midst of the ordinary. There is much for people like you and me to love as well, for through Bill’s insight, humor and grace, something of what it means to be human is revealed, and we clearly see how our lives fit into God’s greater story. A wonderful read!” —Rev. Paul E. Gilmore, pastor, Winnetka Presbyterian Church, Winnetka, Illinois

“In Still Laughing, Still Learning, Pastor Bill Chadwick touches the depths of our souls while striking our funny bones squarely. He is one of the finest preachers I have ever heard, and this book captures his witty, prophetic style masterfully.” — Jim Moline, PhD, best-selling author, executive coach, professor, theologian, and psychologist