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Still Here

ISBN: 9780692507346
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Brian Marcus
Trim: 12 x 12 inches
Published: 1/1/2016

More than seven decades ago the participants in this stunning new photography book STILL HERE endured unthinkable hardship and upheaval. Yet their resilience, optimism and insights remain sharp and vivid as conveyed in this transformative work. Brian Marcus, professional photographer and grandson of a Holocaust survivor photographed over 150 Holocaust survivors and WWII liberators. His portraits are striking and thought provoking as he captures the spirit and strength of these remarkable communities. Their images are accompanied by meaningful quotes elicited by author June Hersh that provide life lessons for this and future generations.

STILL HERE, several years in the making, is an impressive body of work contained in a stunning black and white coffee table book. The book was published fall of 2016 and has several goals. The first is to preserve the images and words of this aging community, the second is to use this book as a vehicle to fund Holocaust education as all proceeds from the sale of the book will go to that mission, and the third is to create a fluid digital gallery to honor and remember Holocaust survivors.

Photography has long been a successful career and deep passion for Brian Marcus. Introduced to the discipline at a young age by his late grandfather, a survivor of Buchenwald, and his father, both highly celebrated photographers, Brian developed his own unique talent for the craft. Brian is a respected businessman who runs a thriving 76 year-old photography studio and an entrepreneur who is constantly developing ideas and products in his field and beyond. Melding photography and philanthropy draws on all of Brian's skills and allows him to use his camera to not only chronicle joyful events but to shine a light on important issues. Brian lives in New Jersey with his wife Gabrielle and their daughter Alexandra and son Freddy.