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Split Open

ISBN: 9781643438252
Binding: Paperback
Author: Greta Lind
Pages: 240
Trim: 5.25 x 8 inches
Published: 07/22/2021

Split Open follows the lives of two women as their worlds begin seeping surreally into each other, and dares to ask: What is sacred? Where does a woman's loyalty belong?

Who am I?

Kate faces the unthinkable when her son's school bus loses control on a hilly California road. Thrust into an unflinching journey of personal discovery, she questions her every life choice.

Apart from wife? Apart from mother?

She questions her own grip on reality when she suddenly becomes aware of Jennifer, a "respectable" young wife and mother consumed in a powerful love affair. Kate can't explain who Jennifer is . . . or why Kate knows what she knows.

How can a person feel closer to and more disconnected from herself at the same time?

Honestly, hypnotically, and with relentless sensitivity, the latent power of female creativity is forever Split Open in Greta Lind's triumphant debut to the world of women's fiction.

Fans of The Need will love the déjà-vu stranger who splits open the familiar spell of marriage and motherhood.


GRETA LIND is an actor, author, and bodyworker. Greta is a life-long creative whose work spans diverse mediums including theatre, podcasts, television, and film, where she's appeared in All My Children, and the hit film, Rudy. Her recent work includes the audio drama series, The Ernie Pyle Experiment!, a finalist in the Audie Awards®. Greta has co-facilitated writing circles with Young Women Writing for (a) Change® in Bloomington, Indiana, where she currently lives. She raised two wonderful boys into young adulthood.