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Spite House: The Old Town Mystery Series, Book 7

ISBN: 9798988048022
Binding: Paperback
Author: John Adam Wasowicz
Pages: 264
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 07/08/2024

Spite House, book seven of the Old Town mystery series, continues the series begun by John Adam Wasowicz in 2017 with Daingerfield Island, which introduced readers to attorney Mo Katz and his entourage of crime solvers.

Katz, now returned to private practice after service as U.S. Attorney, accepts the case of Roxie Neele, a local curmudgeon who lives in a 'spite house,' one of a handful of tiny structures built in Old Town in the 1800s to "spite" the neighbors.

Roxie stands accused of murdering her neighbor Trudy Vine with a poison cupcake.
Roxie's case unfolds against the backdrop of the ongoing killing spree of Rose Bud, a serial killer who terrorizes the community.

Unknown to others, Roxie has elicited Mo's support in an effort to end Rose Bud's reign of terror. She believes that only Mo Katz possesses the legal acumen to spin a defense to catch a criminal in an unrelated case.

Once Mo discerns Roxie's motivation, the twosome unite in a spirited effort to expose the serial killer, who is hiding in plain sight.

Spite House combines courtroom scenes with a fast-paced narrative set in Old Town. The story culminates as Rose Bud -- whose identity has been revealed -- seeks to punish Roxie and Mo for unmasking him by burning down the spite house.

Spite House is a continuation of the series based in Old Town Alexandria. Along with Mo Katz, the series features Deputy Police Chief Sherry Stone, private investigator Curtis Santana, legal researcher Mai Lin, city prosecutor David Reese, social worker Abby Snowe, and U.S. Senator Abraham Lowenstein.

Additional titles in the series include Jones Point (2019), Slaters Lane (2020), Roaches Run (2021), Gadsby's Corner (2022), and Hazel Falls (2023).

John Adam Wasowicz is the author of the Old Town Mystery Series. He has been in the practice of law for nearly 40 years, including service as an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia and as a Federal attorney. He spent 15 years in private practice, handling criminal defense and family law matters. John obtained his law degree from Catholic University and holds Masters Degrees from Marquette University (Journalism) and the Harvard Kennedy School (Mid Career degree in Public Administration). He earned his undergraduate degree (English) from Windham College in Putney, VT. He is a former Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. While in private practice, he served as President of the Fairfax County Bar Association.


"SPITE HOUSE is an intricately plotted tale with a tangled cast reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel!" - Karen Hansen, editor and content consultant

"While a typical spite house may be narrow, the SPITE HOUSE created by John Wasowicz is broad and engaging, not to be missed. It's a real goodie!" - Wilford Kale, Virginia columnist/critic, “Kale on Books”

"In spite of the obstacles confronting him, Mo Katz navigates a sea of red herrings in SPITE HOUSE to solve a death by poison cupcake!" - Edward P. Moser, author of THE LOST HISTORY OF THE CAPITOL

"Like the four spite houses in Old Town Alexandria, SPITE HOUSE is a local treasure." - Jeffrey James Higgins, author of THE FOREVER GAME