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Spiritual Pilgrim

ISBN: 9781634891400
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jim Sherblom
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 9/18/2018

"I simply learned to say yes whenever a great spiritual adventure is offered."

As a venture capitalist and early investor in biomedicine Jim Sherblom sought to make a positive impact in the world. At the height of his career he experienced what could only be called a spiritual awakening and was drawn away from his successful career to follow his calling as a newly ordained UU Minister. What followed was a multi-religious exploration across the globe through time and space and into the transcendental experiences of religious mystics.

In this memoir Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom reflects on his journeys of awakening and the teachings he uncovered from occupying the liminal space of the mystics. He shares these lessons so others may live deeply and curiously and experience the awakened joy of twenty-first century transcendentalism.


Reverend Doctor Jim Sherblom holds a BA from Yale an MBA from Harvard and Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Andover Newton Theological School. His industry roles include serving as senior vice president and CFO of Genzyme Corporation chairman and CEO of TSI Corporation and founding managing partner of Seaflower Ventures.

At midlife he was called into divine mystery. Through a series of vision quests and theological studies he emerged as a spiritual teacher preacher and friend of God. He was called to parish ministry serving as a senior minister at First Parish in Brookline Massachusetts for eleven years.

Since retiring from parish ministry Jim mostly writes about spiritual matters especially his travels with mystics pilgrims and spiritual seekers. He lives in Concord Massachusetts with Loretta. His favorite deep spiritual practice consists of walking meditation in Walden Woods or around Walden Pond. He is the proud parent of two grown children.

"Equal parts memoir and guidebook Spiritual Pilgrim entrances with stories that reveal Jim's unabashedly open heart and deep well of knowledge."-Doug Stone and Sheila Heen coauthors of New York Times bestselling Difficult Conversations

"Jim Sherblom took me on a journey of heart and mind. By weaving pilgrimage practices from various religions with his own searching Sherblom shows us both the agony and the ecstasy of following God." -Rev. Howard Dana senior minister First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Concord

"Establishments hate mystics. We seekers of unity both love and need them. They remind us that there is no One Way. We need others whose vision is deeper and broader than ours to nudge us back onto the Path to spiritual maturity compassion wisdom and a more universal vision of salvation for all. Jim Sherblom here offers not just his own personal experience but the counsel of the wisest of all ages." -Rev. John Buehrens past president Unitarian Universalist Association

"Many come to religion with a sense that there is something happening in their lives that is beyond what they can explain or even fully understand. The language of mysticism that Jim Sherblom teaches in his clear concrete and yet ephemeral book provides the tools a community needs to have a conversation about that which could be otherwise beyond words." -Rev. Sarah Drummond academic dean Andover Newton Theological School

"In this enchanting book Jim Sherblom relates his experience of pilgrimage in different religious traditions and his encounters with mystics who reveal and embody the mystery that crackles just below the surface of life. Sherblom tells his story with such insight and wonder that he turns from pilgrim to guide for the reader and reading the book itself becomes a kind of pilgrimage." -Rev. Martin B. Copenhaver President of Andover Newton Theological School and author of This Odd and Wondrous Calling

"Are you seeking a living mystic guide? In his new book you'll find Jim is sparkling and wonderfully accessible as he channels the wisdom of the Sages of the Ages. What a pleasure to walk with him as he shares with us his spirited spiritual adventures." -Steven Cadwell Ph.D. psychotherapist educator performer filmmaker activist

"Spiritual Pilgrim is an odyssey to the shores of the world's mystic traditions. With knowledge and self-revealing honesty Jim Sherblom will deepen your understanding of the transcending and unifying power of mysticism. His insights will then guide you home into the depth and wonder of your next breath." -Rev. Stephen Shick poet minister and author of Be the Change and Consider the Lilies

"Reading this book I felt myself illuminating from the inside out. Reverend Jim knows just where to lead us so that the lights of the many mystics before us can touch warm and awaken our inner light." -Anna Huckabee Tull author of Living the Deeper YES