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Spider, Spider on the Wall: A spider book for kids about overcoming the fear of spiders

ISBN: 9781634895798
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Mary Schlichting
Illustrated by: Lydia Francis
Pages: 32
Trim: 9 x 9 inches
Published: 05/09/2023

In this spider book about facing your fear, readers will learn how to overcome their fear of spiders.

As an experienced Kindergarten Teacher, Mary Schlichting has talked many children through the panic they feel when they see a spider.

Spider, spider on the wall,

why do you scare me when you're so small?

Teaching children that spider are just as scared of us as we are scared of them, Spider, Spider on the Wall helps children love spider.

In this spider books for kids 4-8, discover

  • Vibrant Illustrations
  • A fun and interactive story
  • How to be brave, and
  • To overcome fear of spiders.

Come join Zora as she learns to overcome being afraid of spiders with the help of her teacher, Miss Mary.


Mary Schlitchting was inspired to write Spider, spider on the Wall when her own kindergarteners were challenged with spiders coming into their classroom. After many attempts to help them with their fears, she came up with a solution. She taught them that they were the monster and that the spiders were afraid of them. And it worked!
Mary loves teaching and working with children as well as writing. She lives in Northern California and is working on her second book.