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Sparky & Benny's Big Home Mystery

ISBN: 9781634893862
Binding: Paperback
Author: Janice Lao-Noche
AuthorIllustrator: Esther Noche
AuthorIllustrator: Rhea Reburiano-Lajom
Pages: 64
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 12/1/2020

In the Arctic Ocean, friends Sparky and Benny find out they are about to lose their homes.

Their parents tell them not to worry and don't give them any more information. But they are worried — isn't losing their homes a huge deal? Why are the adults not doing anything, and what are they scared of? In Sparky & Benny's Big Home Mystery, the kid whales are on a mission to find out why they are losing their homes, who is responsible, and how they can stop it from happening.

Janice Lao-Noche is an internationally multi-awarded environmental scientist and economist working with businesses so they can be a force for good for the world. She has been named in several lists featuring women scientists changing the world. She co-wrote this book with her eleven-year-old daughter, Esther Noche, who wanted to tell the story of climate change through the eyes of a new generation of children. This is their first book.

Esther Noche started writing and illustrating stories at five years old and began writing this book when she was nine. She is a triathlete and gymnast, loves to draw and code, and speaks several languages fluently. A lover of sea animals, she wants to become a marine veterinarian when she grows up. She is now a sixth grader.


"Sparky and Benny's Big Home Mystery is a powerful, practically written book to teach children about climate change. Janice Lao's expertise in environmental science, and her daughter Esther's practical explanation of this phenomena, will change the way you think about climate change." - Dr. Elondra D. Napper, science educator

"This book is for anyone wondering how to explain our biggest challenge, climate change, to a child. In this book, a child's 'why' illuminates three essential truths: climate change is man-made, those with power and influence were late to acknowledge it, and we can still do something about it. While humans have created this crisis, we will help solve it. Bringing our emotions and our whole selves to what we do next has never mattered more." - Dr. Sally Uren, chief executive, Forum for the Future

"This powerful children's book on climate change is a practical call for action that combines innovation with imagination. More importantly, it is a unique and fun book that addresses the most important part of the problem (and solution!): the human element." - Carola Wijdoogen, author of 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success and cofounder of Sustainability University Foundation, former CSO of Dutch Railway

"Storytelling is a powerful tool, and this book engages kids with a beluga whale and narwhal's adventures. I love the use of creatures to tell the tale of climate change TO humans. A great new read-aloud to spark curiosity and to get kids asking questions to help us create a sustainable planet." - Erin Twamley, STEM author and educator

"Equally informative and heartwarming, the tale of Sparky and Benny is a powerful tool in enabling children and adults alike to understand better the impact of climate change on the marine ecosystem, and to have more empathy for the creatures who are affected by it. May this moving story compel every reader to do their part in protecting our planet and helping conserve its resources." - Lynn Pinugu, CEO, She Talks Asia & Mano Amiga Philippines

"This sensitive, compelling story of two sea friends incorporates adventure, bravery, and teamwork to deliver a powerful tale featuring adults short of a plan and kids striving to end the impending destruction of their ocean home. With easy-to-understand, high-impact facts and figures and evocative details of oceans, forests, and space, the kids follow clues to grasp the situation while developing resilience and resolve along the way. The message is of urgency but also of hope, showing how anyone and everyone can make a difference. This is a must-read adventure and guide to the preservation of our planet!" - Joanna Hotung, director, KG Group Education