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Health, Mind & Body - Aging Nonfiction - Women's Studies

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Sparkle On

ISBN: 9781634890571
Binding: Paperback
Author: Kim Kane
Trim: 5.5 x 8.25 inches
Published: 4/17/2017

I'll just say it: I am a "woman of a certain age."

No one wants to talk about aging-especially aging women. We're not supposed to bring up the changes to our bodies or lifestyle. We're not supposed to mention the weird food grievances we develop nor the fact that we can't help but to break wind in yoga. And we're definitely not supposed to be happy about growing older (as though we had a more appealing alternative).

As humorist Kim Kane entered into this strange new era of "a certain age " she had a nagging feeling there was more to aging in our culture than colonoscopies and early bed times. She began hosting gatherings of women to discuss important questions about the psychological social and physiological changes in the aging experience. And with grace and humor the truth about aging began to emerge: Aging really just means living. And for that why should anyone feel anything but gratitude?

Sparkle On touches on everything from fashion choices to relationships to grief and everything in between. There are moments of poignancy and plenty of laughs. And by the end you'll feel like you've made a friend and joined the ranks of bold honest women who are aging in gratitude.


Kim Kane is a speaker blogger writer and a woman of a certain age. She has lived more than she will . . . and while she isn't thrilled about this she does intend to look at life as still filled with opportunities to take advantage of.

Kim has worked with youth and families experiencing difficulties for the past thirty years. She describes the work as exhausting exhilarating and humbling all at the same time. Working with youth has helped keep her perspective young. However she is reminded she is aging when trying to find underwear that fits and feels comfortable.

In her fantasy life Kim and her husband are living on a lake with a couple of dogs. Her house is in the north woods where it seems like fall every day and she drinks her coffee on her deck every morning to the lullaby of the loons singing. And she writes.

In her real life Kim continues to work with youth and families lives with her husband in a suburb of Minneapolis and has one dog. Currently her kitchen is gutted for a remodel and she cannot find her favorite spatula or the salt. And she writes. Sparkle On is her first book.

To connect with Kim visit:


Facebook: @LivingLifeinTandem

Twitter: @Aging_Gratitude

"As another 'woman of a certain age ' I met friends relatives and then myself in these pages. Bravo!" -Abby Dawkins MSW LICSW

"Sparkle On is a banquet of delights. . . . Kudos to Ms. Kane for her delightful wisdom and how she shares a story for every woman." -Sharon Estill Taylor PhD author educator speaker