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Spain’s Great Untranslated

ISBN: 9780988905108
Binding: Paperback
Author: Javier Aparicio and Aurelio Major and Mercedes Monmany
Pages: 156
Trim: 5 x 7.8 inches

AUTHORS: Fernando Aramburu Cristina Fernandez Cubas Miquel De Palol Ignacio Martinez De Pison Antonio Gamoneda Pere Gimferrer Berta Vias Mahou Cesar Antionio Molina Juan Antonio Masoliver Rodenas Olvido Garcia Valdes Pedro Zarraluki Juan Eduardo Zunigo

Spain's Great Untranslated presents twelve contemporary Spanish masters whose dazzling work has been unavailable to the English-language world. Exploring scenes ranging from the devastating Madrid subway bombing to the idyllic coastline of Greece in rhapsodic poetry and anguished prose these writers demonstrate the breadth and depth of the country's literary scene. Edited by Javier Aparicio Aurelio Major and Mercedes Monmany these new English translations of great Spanish poetry fiction and memoirs provide an unrivaled view of Spanish writing today.