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Something Brand New: Inspiration for Kid Marketers

ISBN: 9781643435824
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Tyler Sachse
Illustrator: Ben Puetz & Brian Barber
Pages: 32
Trim: 9.5 x 9.5 inches
Published: 06/28/2024

What does a marketer do? A marketer tells people about a business and makes them want to be customers. A good business name and logo are two tools marketers use to help do this.

Something Brand New encourages creativity and entrepreneurialism in kids. Whimsical illustrations depict twenty kid marketers and their fictional businesses, complete with company names and logos.

Ready to get creative? This book includes pages for readers to sketch out their own real (or pretend!) business ideas.


Tyler Sachse is a husband to Gwen and a dad to Xavier and Linden, and he is obsessed with building authentic brands. Originally from Wisconsin, where he graduated with an MBA focused on brand and product management from the University of Wisconsin, he now happily resides in Minnesota. He has been a brand and marketing leader in both medium- and large-sized companies and is cofounder of Birch and Wolf LLC, a brand agency focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs. His latest venture, Lila Skog Books LLC (lila skog is Swedish for "purple forest"), aims to bring the world of branding to kids through engaging books and content. He believes in the power of creative design to tell stories and launch something brand new.

Ben Puetz was born, raised, and currently lives in Wisconsin, where he is a father to two creative kids, Vander and Oceana. He attended UW-Green Bay for graphic communications, has a fire science and paramedic degree, and works as a full-time firefighter/paramedic. Ben is also a cofounder of Birch and Wolf LLC, through which he applies his passion for logo design and brands, especially those related to sports and the outdoors.

Brian Barber is an illustrator, designer, animator, and videographer living in Duluth, Minnesota. He has run his own studio since 2008, doing a wide range of projects that include children's books, corporate videos, instructional videos, TV ads, and music videos.


"Something Brand New is a fantastic guide that teaches kids the basics of starting and branding a business. This book teaches the importance of asking the right questions and gives a variety of examples of creative kid businesses. The illustrations are beautiful, and the logos are fun; this book is sure to inspire any enterprising youth." - Drew Vernon, director of education at tonies®

"Something Brand New is a thrilling dive into the world of young entrepreneurship, filled with creative business ideas and bursting with vibrant branding concepts. With its empowering message, the book ignites a spark of passion in children, urging them to believe in their potential and chase their entrepreneurial dreams from an early age." - Ellie Pohlman, professional brand strategist

"One hallmark of a great teacher is the ability to make ideas and skills easy to understand, easy to apply. But also, a truly great teacher inspires excitement, curiosity, and agency—the desire to learn and do more. Something Brand New is a beautiful book that accomplishes all of these goals with delight. It is chock-full of simple, powerful exercises and examples that will unleash the power of dreams within our future makers and entrepreneurs." - Deborah J. Mitchell, PhD, marketing professor and business owner

"With Something Brand New, Tyler Sachse seamlessly introduces the concept of branding in an impactful book that could be utilized in grades K–12 and beyond! Cover to cover you will find engaging content, captivating illustrations, and clever and imaginative businesses with thoughtfully designed logos. Actionable suggestions will inspire your child to think about branding in no time!" - Casey Hildreth, parent and educator