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Sidikiba's Kora Lesson

ISBN: 9781592982424
Binding: Paperback
Author: Ryan Thomas Skinner
Published: 3/31/2006

Ten year-old Sidikiba is about to be initiated into the world of the kora a twenty-one stringed West African harp performed by his family for seventy generations. To become a kora player like his father and grandfather before him Sidikiba must honor and respect the wisdom of his elders trust in the mystical secrets of his community and above all else be patient and practice hard.

Sidikiba's Kora Lesson is the story of a child's encounter with a rich cultural heritage set in a modern African city where learning to balance the new and the old is part of growing up. Through sound pictures and text Sidikiba's Kora Lesson comes alive for readers and music lovers of all ages!


Ryan Thomas Skinner is an author illustrator musician and ethnomusicologist who for the past ten years has conducted extensive research on traditional and modern music in Mali West Africa. The recipient of numerous fellowships and awards he is currently completing a doctorate at Columbia University. This is Ryan's first children's book.