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Seeking Sarah

ISBN: 9781643437101
Binding: Paperback
Author: M. A. Robinson
Pages: 232
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 07/11/2023

Don Jensen is reeling from the aftermath of his wife Sarah's death when he discovers a drawer full of artifacts she'd kept hidden away: an address book, a folder full of old letters, a stack of photographs. As he begins to sort through these items and contact people from her past, another version of Sarah starts to surface, one plagued by demons Don never knew existed.

While Don grapples with these revelations, Sarah finds herself in a realm where she cycles between heartbreaking memories and unusual, but not always unpleasant, sensations. As her soul tries to heal from the pain of her past, a hopeful future emerges.

Seeking Sarah is a novel about how life can break us down and grief can take us apart. But by confronting these aches, we can find a path to redemption, rebirth, and a brighter tomorrow.


M. A. Robinson brings her experience as a physician to her writing, resulting in a riveting and emotionally resonant debut novel. Originally from a small town in Indiana, she now splits her time between north central Minnesota and northern Florida. When she is not glued to her keyboard, Robinson enjoys hiking with her dogs, kayaking the lakes and rivers, practicing yoga, gardening, and sharing good dinners with great friends. Still passionate about improving patient care, she volunteers on the board of directors for two nonprofit organizations: one dedicated to advance care planning and the other to improving dementia care.