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Secrets of the Louvre

ISBN: 9781643438603
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bernard Rappa
Pages: 296
Trim: 6” x 9” inches
Published: 4/19/2022

When former CIA agent Antone La Rue wakes up in a Parisian hospital after a car accident, he doesn't know how he got there or who he was before . . . or why someone tried to kill him. As he starts putting together the pieces of his past with the help of his faithful nurse, Alana, he crosses paths with her grandfather, the gifted Jewish master-art restorer Hans Muller.

Both men soon come to realize they've been ensnared in a lurid scheme to flood the world art market with millions of Euros' worth of treasures stolen by the Nazis in World War II. Working together, they must race to uncover a conspiracy hidden within the walls of one of the world's most famous museums—or face the dangerous consequences.

Will they uncover the perpetrators of this plot and survive to save the day?


Bernard Rappa was born in Rockford, Illinois, the son of second-generation Italian and Swedish immigrants. He grew up in an environment of love, Christian values, and strong work ethic. Rappa attended North Park College in Chicago, the University of Minnesota, and Cardinal Stritch University, but his schooling was briefly interrupted when called to serve his country with the United States Army. For almost forty years, Rappa worked for 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota, as a technical engineer, project manager, new business development manager, and an international corporate quality manager.

Rappa has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Latin America, and South America, often with his wife and soulmate of over sixty-one years, Diane. The two share five sons, twelve grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. He drew on his travels and life experiences to write this story, his first novel.