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Santa's Little Brother Sorta Claus Tells Fun Things about Santa

ISBN: 9781643436661
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Lee Lynch
Illustrator: Brian Barber
Pages: 32
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 11/29/2022

Kids always have a lot of questions about Santa Claus. His little brother Sorta has a lot of answers.

"What's it like having such a famous brother?"

"What does Santa eat?"

"What does Santa do if there's a fire in the fireplace?"

"Does Santa drink every glass of milk and eat every cookie?"

"How can Santa go everywhere in just one night?"

"How old is Santa?"

Get answers to these questions and meet the rest of the Claus family, including Santa's sister Kinda and his uncle Uffda.


Author Lee Lynch is a reformed advertising guy living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and his wife, Terry Saario, met Sorta while on a trip to the Arctic Circle. Lee had so many questions to ask Sorta about his brother Santa, the book idea was born. He was so taken with Sorta that he had his own green suit made. He would dress as Sorta and lead many Holidazzle parades representing Santa. He also visited several schools, hospitals, and retirement centers to spread the joy of Christmas.

Illustrator Brian Barber also lives in Minnesota. He is farther north, in Duluth, where there is lots of snow, and deer have taken over his neighborhood. They don't fly; they just eat all the garden plants and flowers in the summertime. They have also never delivered any presents to him. Brian draws silly pictures, works on animation and video projects, and rides bikes around town when it isn't too snowy.