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Sandy's Gift Walking With The Light

ISBN: 9781943290123
Binding: Paperback
Author: William P. Dunn IV
Pages: 306
Trim: 5.5” x 8.5“ inches
Published: 1/1/2017

A true life story memoir, reflecting on a man and woman’s life journey, building a life together. The story begins as the couple meet at a party and the author picked up his Cinderella’s slipper while she was a guest of a nobleman’s son attending a party is how the story begins. Family life, a tragic many years later mental health illness and passing while children are present in home.

A long litigation with the State of NJ and eventually prevailing in a court of law. A happen chance at the time meeting with what the author believes is a local - unknown at the time - medium. Turns out, years later, the author discovers she is a top internationally world recognized medium while he was receiving messages from beyond the grave that later come true or as the author calls it “Hocus Pocus.” A visit by the “Holy Spirit” or the “Light” and additional life changing events that could not be made up if one tried too. In the end all comes to “Light.”

The book is a personal reflection and must read for families coping with mental illness, the laws surrounding families coping and the most important are some very religious or spiritual occurrences. For those with no belief in an afterlife one may have a change of mind when finished as all facts are documented and revealed at the end.     


William P. Dunn IV grew up in norther New Jersey, graduated from Thiel Collège in 1979 with a dual degree in Economics and Business Admin. He worked on Wall Street in the U.S. Govt. Primary dealers bond markets, working his way up from the back office to the trading desks. After 20 years on Wall Street, he became a financial advisor in northern New Jersey. Bill is now a widowed grandfather, self employed and living in the paradise that is Ft. Lauderdale. Sandy’s Gift is Bill’s first published book, an autobiography based on true events and life-changing experiences. All events are truthful and documented, be prepared to be in awe by the ending.