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Samuel Mather

ISBN: 9781934690697
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Kathryn L. Makley
Pages: 128
Trim: 5.5 x 8.25 inches
Published: 11/1/2013

Samuel Mather First Citizen of Cleveland brings to life a world of incredible wealth personal accomplishments and great generosity by pioneers of the Industrial Revolution many of whom lived on the fabled Euclid Avenue during the Gilded Age of Cleveland. These magnates of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were leaders in making Cleveland a national forerunner in the steel industry. They also spearheaded citywide efforts to address the social concerns of the time.

Samuel Mather (1851-1931) lived during a unique era of the United States when wealthy individuals were involved in their communities out of a real sense of obligation and concern for fellow citizens rather than a desire to perpetuate their memories. Even in this group Mather was considered a first among equals of those who achieved the "flower of citizenship."

The Mather Mansion one of only two mansions from this era still standing on the exclusive Euclid Avenue is magnificent in both size and grandeur. But beyond that it is a manifestation of the fortunes the ideals and the talents of the men and women who contributed to so much of Cleveland's history.

Kathryn L. Makley has a B.A. from Smith College and an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University. She has worked professionally in health care both within a hospital and a consulting setting. She has volunteered extensively for organizations dealing with land preservation mental health and environmental concerns. Her other major interests are American history and Tibetan issues. Makley lives with her family in Chagrin Falls Ohio.

"In her biography Samuel Mather First Citizen of Cleveland Kathryn L. Makley has captured significant aspects of Cleveland history. Thoroughly researched and enhanced by photographs the book tells the story of the history of the city through those who contributed to its efforts. Notable among them was Samuel Mather. His interests led to his immeasurable contributions to the city's cultural economic and industrial welfare."-Gladys Haddad Ph.D. Professor of American Studies Case Western Reserve University

"Kitty Makley illuminates Samuel Mather's long-lasting business philanthropic and civic contributions and provides a glimpe into Cleveland's 19th and 20th centuries history. Kitty diligently studied WHRS Research Library collections including Mather family manuscripts photographs newspaper clippings and journal articles. She supplemented archival discoveries with interviews and stories gathered from the Mather family friends and associates revealing accounts of family life on illustrious Euclid Avenue. Kitty's book on Samuel Mather and his noteworthy accomplishments give rich insight into our city's history."-Ann Sindelar Reference Supervisor Western Reserve Historical Society