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Ruby’s Road

ISBN: 9781934690673
Binding: Paperback
Author: Patrick Bettendorf
Pages: 208
Trim: 6 x 9 inches

. . . In her last book Ruby's Tale thousands of fans across America and around the world followed Ruby from a puppy left behind like unwanted trash in an abandoned house to her meteoric rise to fame popularity accomplishment and community service.

Now the wonderful true story continues as she take a turn as a professional actor wins countless friends in her travels is drawn into an intrigue and a mystery embarks on more adventures takes on a prot&eacuteg&eacute and even accepts an invitation to an Ivy league law school and more!

But it's far more than fame and glory. . . The fabric of Ruby's story is also woven with her continued community volunteerism. . . and the fun or goofy stories of daily life with "The Tribe


Patrick Bettendorf lives with his wife Lynn youngest daughter Sadie and ''the tribe'' in a small country town northeast of St. Paul/Minneapolis. He has been a male model an actor of stage and industrial training films a radio personality and scriptwriter. He is founder and managing director of Duck Soup Players theater company. Since 1969 Duck Soup Players has brought comedy productions to those who can't easily get out to enjoy all the community has to offer -- those living in senior residences or hospitals. The players also did seven USO tours of VA hospitals and remote military bases to rave reviews. In 1983 Duck Soup Players was invited by President Reagan to Washington DC to help celebrate USO's fortieth anniversary. It was during his time with the players that Patrick saw the painful yearning the residents and patients had for a sense of normalcy in their lives. A need for something from happier times primarily pets. Being a dog lover he set a path to do something about it. In the helping of others he healed himself along the way.


"I'm going to wildly guess that Ruby has countless legions of followers &ndash Those who were curious about what their favorite pit bull was up to.

Pat and Ruby bring us up to speed with Ruby's Road which fills us in on Ruby's post-"Ruby's Tale" adventures. Even though I was vaguely familiar with some of what has been happening -- I was engrossed in Ruby's Road and read it in just two sittings.

The greatest ambassador any breed has ever had (sorry Lassie) has indeed been busy. And things at the Bettendorf home have been shall we say interesting. Stressful and interesting. But the one constant has been sweet loving Ruby.

But I'm not here to spill the beans. Pick up a copy of Ruby's Road. Read it enjoy it buy copies for everyone you know. And don't be surprised if while you're reading it you instinctively reach out a hand and pet that dog sleeping next to you.

Maybe most important do what you can to help America's shelter animals. Adopt foster volunteer at a facility make a donation. Let that be the greatest lesson we learn from Ruby." - William Hageman Chicago Tribune