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Rosie's Ceilidh

ISBN: 9781592982073
Binding: Paperback
Author: Audrey McClellan
Pages: 160
Published: 3/30/2006

A tale of two dogs...and the little girl who loves them.

At nine years old Rosamond Mòrag Mac an Righ is high-spirited strong-willed and very conscious of her importance as the Laird's daughter. All that keeps her behavior within civilized bounds is her parents' promise that she may have her heart's desire--a dog of her own--but only when she proves she's responsible and grown-up enough to care for it.

But Rosie soon forgets about being responsible and caution flies out the window when her canine pal Fiddle the corgi is lost. She's up on the high western mountain Beinn Mhic-an-Righ and only Rosie knows where she is.
A dog is in danger...and it's Rosie to the rescue.

A little girl is in danger...and it's Bonnie Prince Jamie to the rescue.

Waiting in the wings is another challenge for Rosie--a Dandie Dinmont terrier puppy as strong-willed and stubborn as any little girl--even the Laird's daughter.

Audrey McClellan is a Minneapolis author who has been active in the Twin Cities Celtic community for twenty years. She is past president of the Twin Cities Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society co-founder and past president of the St. Piran's Cornish Society and past vice president of the St. David's Welsh Society. She has studied the Gaelic language and with husband Mike has traveled widely in Scotland. Audrey lives in south Minneapolis with Mike a cat a canary and six goldfish. She is a librarian at the Washburn Branch of Minneapolis Public Library.