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Ride the Wave

ISBN: 9781634890649
Binding: Hardcover
Author: John Wessinger
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 6/6/2017

Winner of multiple awards, including the Book Excellence Awards, National Indie Excellence Awards, and the Axiom Business Book Awards.

In this internationally published business strategy book, global marketing and sales leader John Wessinger highlights risk-taking and innovation as essential skills for success in business—whether you’re updating your business plan or catching the next big market wave.

“Companies that rely blindly on old patterns rather than continuously shifting their approaches to fit new situations are just asking to be swamped by the next big wave. This rare and engaging business manual should appeal equally to the manager’s inner surfer and the surfer’s inner manager.”
Kirkus Reviews

Business is a lot like surfing. There are ups and downs. Conditions are always changing. It takes years of practice and, if you are not prepared, you could get wiped out by the next big wave of change.

Ride the Wave, John Wessinger combines his sales and marketing expertise with his love of surfing. Through his business and surf experiences, he’s learned that playing it safe and avoiding personal and professional risk will get you nowhere. Instead, he shares a process for making risk a strategic and tactical part of your business.

Surfing big waves can be risky, but they can also bring momentum and opportunity. 
Ride the Wave illustrates how successful organizations can use surfing principles to overcome disruptive market challenges, build new skills, increase sales, and find success in the face of risk.

In this business success book, readers and surfers can learn how to:
  • leverage three principles of surfing for increased sales,
  • adapt to changing business situations quickly and effectively,
  • switch from a fixed to a growth mindset that is driven by risk-taking, and
  • use risk as a compass for strategic growth.

Whether you’re looking for a management book for new leaders, an entrepreneur book for your small business, or a business leadership book for your organization, 
Ride the Wave has the game-changing strategies and a practical methodology for your business needs.

Constant change is the new normal. Technology advancements like artificial intelligence and Chat GPT in business can bring an unexpected swell if you’re not prepared.

It’s time we embrace the possibility of a wipeout for the opportunity of a breakthrough.

Ride the Wave offers groundbreaking rules and principles that powerfully respond to the constraints of today’s business environment.”
Reader’s Favorite