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Rich Tips for a Lifetime

ISBN: 9781937293819
Binding: Paperback
Author: Rebecca Scott Young
Pages: 114
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 12/1/2011

You know you’ve done it—gone shopping when you can barely afford your phone bill dreamed of becoming rich even while handing the cashier your credit card. In this book you will not learn a “get rich quick” scheme.

However you will learn how to make what you already have—no matter how much you have—go further so that you can achieve your personal and financial goals one by one.

You will learn how to incorporate conscious spending habits into your everyday routine. Get more for less by shopping online look and feel beautiful without spending much at all. Learn how to juggle education expenses while still taking time for yourself: body mind and soul.

Written by investment adviser Rebecca Scott Young Rich Tips for a Lifetime will help you take control of your financial future so that you can avoid the common mistakes Young has seen her clients make time and time again. Nourish your financial health today and you can be on your way to a financially fit tomorrow!

Rebecca Scott Young is a senior internal accountant auditor and investment advisor. Earning her MBA in human resource management from LaSierra University and her BA in accounting from DeVry University she manages her own financial and tax services business from home. Currently working on a doctorate degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and business management at California InterContinental University. She lives in Moreno Valley, CA with her husband and children.