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Teen & Young Adult - Fiction

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Revealing Her Secret (The Power of the Gemstones Book One)

ISBN: 9781592985944
Binding: Paperback
Author: Izzyanna Andersen
Published: 3/30/2016

In the world there are heroes. Whether shy and bashful queer and odd strong and brave hidden or revealed they all wait patiently for the time they shall rise...

Our hero looks like an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl. She may look ordinary but she's hiding a secret. If society knew her secret people would call her a monster a beast a freak of nature. She would be locked up in a laboratory for the rest of her life the victim of ruthless experiments. Yes this would all happen to her so she keeps her secret locked away inside of her away from all the prying human eyes of the world hidden even from her friends.

But secrets can never stay hidden for long the truth is always revealed one day.

For Bella that day is here.


Izzyanna Andersen is a fifteen-year-old with a love of dragons. She's been passionate about books and art as long as she can remember, and has been drawing and writing small stories and poems from an early age. Izzy began to write and illustrate Revealing Her Secret (The Power of the Gemstones Book One) when she was thirteen. When she is not writing or drawing, she can be found singing, dancing, playing piano, going to the lake, or hanging out with her friends. She currently resides in Minnesota with her mom, two brothers, two dogs, two parrots, and a closet full of dragons.