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ISBN: 9780993906404
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier
Pages: 144
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 5/19/2015

We all long for a blissful relationship. No matter how many attempts you have made in the past to find "the one"-or how many break-ups you may have had-if you are still determined to get another shot at finding or attracting your true soul mate let ReLovenship&trade Look Within to Love Again! be your next step.

For authors and relationship coaches Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier finding your soul mate-or "the one" as they refer to this person-can't be left solely to chance or to "wishful thinking " it takes dedication and a mindset shift.

Blending practicality and spirituality this workbook is filled with tips suggestions and methodology to find a blissful relationship. The authors of ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! each have their own ways of describing the process they went through to find what they were looking for-as long as you are willing to look inside of you first! Find out more about their work on


Authors and coaches Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier are not psychologists but rather they are individuals who each experienced breakups and divorces before finally attracting a blissful relationship. They met in 1995 became romantically involved in 1998 and married in 2001.

They have been fascinated by "soul mate relationships" after being told and realizing that very few people succeed in attracting "the one" after they lived through one or more serious breakups. Through their own experiences with past relationships their intention is to bring inspiration hope and provide tools and methodology to help attract "the one '' the soul mate the ideal life partner!

Blending practicality and spirituality the authors of ReLovenship™ each share different approaches to help readers see that there is not just one way to find the most important relationship in one's life. As long as one is willing to "Look Within To Love Again!" Find out about their work on