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ISBN: 9781733188807
Binding: Paperback
Author: Cog•nate Collective (Amy Sanchez Arteaga and Misael Diaz)
Pages: 128 with 32-page insert
Trim: 7.8 x 10 inches
Published: 1/1/2020

Honorable Mention - American Alliance of Museums (AAM) 29th annual Museum Publications Design Competition

Regionalia, a bilingual catalogue, documents the research, projects, and 2018 culminating exhibition generated during Cog•nate Collective’s artist residency, which began at Grand Central Arts Center in 2014. The 128-page catalogue includes an additional 32-page insert drawn from public conversations that took place throughout the exhibition. Designed by Stephen Serrato of ELLA, the publication contains texts by Cog•nate Collective, Christian Zúñiga, and a dialogue between the artists and Karen Stocker. Regionalia is co-published with Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana.


Cog•nate Collective develops research projects, public interventions, and experimental pedagogical programs in collaboration with communities across the US/Mexico border region. Founded in 2010, their work has interrogated the evolution of the border as it is simultaneously erased by neoliberal economic policies and bolstered through increased militarization – tracing the fallout of this incongruence for migrant communities on either side of the border. As a result, their inter-disciplinary projects often address issues of citizenship, migration, informal economies, and popular culture, arguing for understanding the border not as a bifurcating line, but as a region that expands and contracts with the movement of people and objects. They currently work between Tijuana, MX, Santa Ana, CA, and Los Angeles, CA.