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Rebel Streets

ISBN: 9780984835911
Binding: Paperback
Author: Tom Molloy
Pages: 216
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 1/15/2013

Set in Northern Ireland Irish Streets takes an unblinking look at what happens when ordinary people are thrust into a world of violence extremism and betrayal-where options are few and consequences severe. Without resorting to caricature and stereotypes Tom Molloy invites the reader back to a time of religious violence known as the Troubles.

Tom Molloy has driven 18-wheelers served as a volunteer firefighter de-iced commercial jetliners worked as a social worker and accompanied IRA fighters during street battles while covering the Troubles in Northern Ireland as a freelance journalist. On several occasions Molloy was detained by British security forces and was once sent on a brief stint to the infamous Castle Rae detention center where his novel Irish Streets opens. Other books by Molloy include The Vandal and The Green Line.


"Molloy's style is impressive in its tense self-control conveying impacted emotion with a bare minimum of words... The characters are vividly drawn the whole thing is painfully realistic and Tom Molloy has made an impressive debut." -Publishers Weekly (~1982)

"We have to admire the way Mr. Molloy wrestles with his protagonist's problems." -New York Times Book Review (~1982)

"...Molloy's first novel reveals perceptiveness and craftsmanship." -Library Journal (~1982)

"Add Tom Molloy to the list of great explorers-men like Nelson Algren James T. Farrell and Theodore Dreiser who went into the urban wilderness and came back with unforgettable pictures.... This novel is a discovery." -Robie Macauley fmr. fiction editor at Playboy

In additions features were written in the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine to discuss The Green Line. The novel has also been mentioned in nonfiction books by Milton J. Bates and Charles Fanning.