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Ras Rody Organics: Sips, Bites, & Sweets

ISBN: 9780578773049
Binding: Paperback
Author: Ras Rody
Pages: 28
Trim: 7 x 9 inches
Published: 10/15/2011

Ras Rody Organics: Sips, Bites, & Sweets is a lifestyle cookbook and manifesto for healthy living. Recipes for four people can all be cooked for $10. This cookbook offers a rare glimpse into a Rastafarian’s life and his journey from a near death experience, to healthy living from better food choices.


Born to domestic famers in the hills of Westmoreland, Jamaica, Ras Rody was one of 17 children. He was the last and the only one born to his mother and father. The children worked hard and carried sugar cane on their heads to deliver to the West Indies Sugar Company by 3 years of age. At 13, he was taken to the hospital by his father on the back of a donkey. He faced kidney failure due to a heavy meat diet which his body couldn’t handle.

Recovering through a plant based regime and living a healthy lifestyle, he went on to father 9 children of his own and start one successful entrepreneurial business after another. 

His connection to the earth and its gifts is still strong, he plants gardens wherever he lives. Ras Rody is now living and running his own food truck-restaurant called Ras Rody’s Jamaican Vegan Kitchen in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he lives with his wife and youngest son, Benge.