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Raja Yoga

ISBN: 9780997414875
Binding: Paperback
Author: Yogi Ramacharaka
Pages: 304
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 1/12/2022

"The Science of Raja Yoga teaches the Control of the Mind. It holds that the internal world must be conquered before the outer world is attacked… It aims to clear away all mental rubbish and encumbrances - to conduct a "mental house cleaning," as it were, and to secure a clear, clean, healthy mind."

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga addresses the branch of yoga that focuses on mental development and concentration. The series consists of twelve lessons that set readers on a path to a greater understanding of themselves and their latent powers. Written 120 years ago, this book, as well as its two precursors (Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Advanced Course) is part of a series of books that introduced in simple language the yogi philosophy to a Western audience.

Some of the subjects explored in the book:

  • How to cultivate mental control
  • How to cultivate one's Attention, Perception, Memory
  • How to train the mind to materialize thoughts into action
  • How to use the subconscious mind to modify one's behavior and character

Eleven meditation mantras and exercises are also included for the reader's personal and spiritual growth.

Republished by Bamboo Leaf Press, this edition includes a foreword by Richard Rosen, the renowned yoga teacher and writer. This is a high-quality printed book with a stitch-binding that allows you to open the book flat on a desk without the pages falling out while reading.

Yogi Ramacharaka is the pen name of spiritualist author William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932) and probably a mystery collaborator well versed in Indian philosophy (to whom Atkinson himself actually attributed the books). The two of them published a series of books at the beginning of the 20th century with the purpose of demystifying Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. The first book, Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism, became an instant success and has been in print ever since. Atkinson was an attorney, author, publisher, businessman, and a leading figure in the New Thought Movement that studied ancient wisdom and Eastern philosophy. He wrote over a hundred books during the last thirty years of his life. In the foreword of this new edition from Bamboo Leaf Press, yoga teacher and writer Richard Rosen discusses the extraordinary work of Atkinson and explores the mystery and identity of his alleged collaborator.