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Quit Feeding the Monsters

ISBN: 9781936401451
Binding: Paperback
Author: J. Kevin Cobb and Sally Barnes
Pages: 154
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 5/1/2011

While defining problems that undermine an organization is usually easy a far greater challenge is convincing leaders and managers to stop making those problems even worse. Hence the title Quit Feeding the Monsters.

The resolutions and applications outlined in this book may seem radical. In fact Cobb’s strategies are based on common sense established human behavior and what were once considered tried and true principles too long forgotten.

In one personal anecdote after another gained from hundreds of experiences in the workplace Cobb amply demonstrates that what is considered conservative and safe is in fact often a sure road to ruin and defeat. In engaging and straightforward language Quit Feeding the Monsters contains the wisdom and tools that really work. With this book you can learn how to stop nourishing the monsters plaguing your company once and for all.

J. Kevin Cobb has brought Advanced Safety Awareness Skills to some of the toughest environments imaginable across the United States Canada and Mexico. For over a decade Mr. Cobb has studied not only the way of the monsters but their hunters as well.

When he’s not out slaying monsters he’s at home with his wife Kristi and their children in Texas.