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Quiet Kush

ISBN: 9781643435664
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Natasha B. Padhiar
Illustrator: Natasha B. Padhiar
Pages: 24
Trim: 8.5 x 9.7 inches
Published: 03/05/2024

Kush is so quiet. That's what everyone says.
Kush is so quiet. He loves to read. He has a big imagination and a kind heart.
Kush is so quiet, but inside his head is a world of wonder!

Quiet Kush is an ode to introverts who are often labeled as shy or quiet.

Author, illustrator, and educator Natasha B. Padhiar knows that placing such words on a young person can change the way they see themselves. In reality, these children are just as colorful, engaged, and creative as those who are more extroverted.

Padhiar's lovingly written and sweetly illustrated story centers around Kush, a boy who reminds readers that there is strength in his quietness and that introverts have so much to offer to those who are truly listening.


Natasha B. Padhiar, the artist behind Bright & Blue Studio, is an author, illustrator, crafter, and educator. She believes her purpose is to create joy, inspire, and motivate. Her years of experience in education have shown her the power of words, especially in the form of children's books. She creates stories rooted in joy and whimsy that uplift South Asian children and families while also highlighting social emotional learning.


"From a therapist's perspective, 'Quiet Kush' is an incredibly important book that addresses the often-misunderstood concept of introversion in children. Kush's journey is presented in a way that is both engaging and empowering, showing how introverts can harness their unique qualities and thrive in their own way. The story encourages children to embrace their personality and helps them understand that it's okay to be different from their peers. This book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and therapists! It promotes understanding and acceptance, helping children feel seen and valued for who they are. This book is a heartening reminder that everyone has their own strengths and there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to be." - Dr. Sagar Joshi, Psychiatrist MD

"Whether shy or quiet - the thoughts that soar in a child's mind can be louder than life. 'Quiet Kush' is the perfect blend of reality and imagination- a story that can relate to both young and old!" - Rina P. Collins, MS.Ed, Literacy Specialist

"Natasha B. Padhiar has crafted a wonderful picture book that serves as both a 'mirror' and a 'window' for young readers; children who are labelled as shy and quiet will see themselves in Kush, and children who may know someone like Kush will gain a new perspective as they are shown a glimpse of his inner life. This engaging story, coupled with Padhiar's warm and joyful illustrations, is a must-read. I can't wait to share it with my students!" - Ilia Panganiban, Early Childhood Educator

"This book is a delightful gift to readers, telling the story of a child who is labeled as quiet but has a rich inner world waiting to be shared. As an educator, I highly recommend it as essential reading to remind students of the strength in their voices and thoughts, emphasizing that communication takes various forms for different individuals." - Kathy Quiroz, Early Childhood Educator

"Oh my gosh, this is SO sweet. Really well-written, beautiful story flow, such satisfying ending, and of course illustrations are beautiful! I love the integration of all the fun, various handwritten types that flow so naturally throughout the story. I feel like I'm right in Kush's head seeing all the things he's thinking and imagining. I also love how this is about a quiet child, which is already so nice and comforting because people around him accept him as is and he also accepts himself as is, without any judging or 'encouragement' to be more outgoing, but then the story goes further to show there is so much more in Kush than just being a quiet kid! It tells all of us that we all are a lot of things. I really love it!" - Aram Kim, Author/Art Director

"Beautifully written and illustrated book on the misunderstood label of a 'quiet' child." - Kathryn Rouse, LCSW

"'Quiet Kush' is a beautiful reminder that even the quietest child holds universes within. Bringing together bright illustrations and lovely lyrics, this book will inspire everyone to rethink the shallow labels we so often bestow on others. Run, don't walk, to get a copy for your classrooms, homes, libraries and friends." - Chelsea Ball, Early Childhood Educator/Director for Early Childhood Literacy Program

"'Quiet Kush' is a lovely reminder that in the quiet, there is strength and power. This book thoughtfully illustrates that loud doesn't mean better and there are lots of ways to express yourself." - Sheetal Sheth, Author